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An online advertising network or ad network is a company that connects advertisers to web sites that want to host advertisements. The key function of an ad network is aggregation of ad space supply from publishers and matching it with advertiser demand. The phrase "ad network" by itself is media-neutral in the sense that there can be a "Television Ad Network" or a "Print Ad Network", but is increasingly used to mean "online ad network" as the effect of aggregation of publisher ad space and sale to advertisers is most commonly seen in the online space.
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  • Native Ads Aren’t New: Google and Amazon Were Using Them 10 Years Ago

    … always should be. And Google’s content network of adverts – the ones you can put on your website – are also designed to blend with your content so they don’t stand out as adverts, just additional valuable links to click on. Amazon has something similar with its Buy Next and Buy Other advertising features, and it has the Amazon affiliates…

    Elad Natanson/ Relevancein Google- 17 readers -
  • How to Approach Owned and Earned Media

    … to product pages and sales representatives. Earned Media Is it meant to introduce and/or brand yourself to a targeted audience? A client at my prior agency was a mobile advertising network. We had gotten bylined opinion articles for the CEO on major websites that are all about mobile devices and Internet advertising. Over time, the CEO received…

    Moz User Generated Blogin SEO Mobile How To's- 19 readers -
  • Why Two Competing News ‘Indies’ in Suburban Charlotte Are Teaming Up

    … on the readership both of our entities has developed. What, specifically, will the partnership be able to deliver to advertisers in numbers)? Boraks: The agreement creates the largest advertising network in the Lake Norman area. The Lake Norman Citizen distributes 25,000 print copies weekly and Feelin’ Good magazine distributes 30,000 quarterly. The Lake…

    Tom Grubisich/ Street Fight- 9 readers -
  • The Massive Ranking Factor Too Many SEOs are Ignoring - Whiteboard Friday

    … to the rest of the web. Google can see this. They have Chrome. They have Android. They have Google Analytics. They have all sorts of plugins. They have the web's biggest advertising network. They can see all of this stuff. Then, finally, amplification in the forms of press and PR and word of mouth, kind of the non-link forms of amplification, which could…

    Moz Blog- 17 readers -
  • The Semantic Web: Business Models from a Marketing Perspective

    … from its own advertising network when publishing the data: “As a condition of your licence to publish OP Content, you must display on Your Website any advertisement that we supply to you with the OP Content. The position, form and size of any such advertisement must be retained as embedded in the OP Content.” Subsidized research In the case of BBC…

    State of Digital- 15 readers -
  • Shopping Traffic Shoots Up 36% While Conversions Climb More Slowly

    … This week’s Marketing Land Online Retail Sales Report shows traffic to e-commerce sites taking a significant jump, but shoppers seem to still be in research mode, as conversions aren’t going up quite as quickly. The report is based on data from HookLogic, a company which gathers data on online retail transactions through the advertising…

    Pamela Parker/ Marketing Landin SEO- 6 readers -
  • More Online Browsers Becoming Buyers As Holidays Approach

    … This week’s Marketing Land Online Retail Sales Report shows both traffic to e-commerce sites and conversion rates rising, though browsing still seems to be the predominant activity. The report is based on data from HookLogic, a company which gathers data on online retail transactions through the advertising network it runs, allowing brands…

    Pamela Parker/ Marketing Land- 5 readers -
  • Life After Affiliate Marketing – ShoeMoney October Recap

    … made online, aside from my sale of my advertising network, 90% of it has come from the affiliate marketing industry. My prime years were from 2006-2010. Affiliate Marketing gave me a huge nest egg and I tried to leave the roost to build a big company. I tried several things and while I made money it was nothing compared to the routine, although…

    Jeremy Schoemaker/ ShoeMoneyin Affiliate- 12 readers -
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