• Mastering The Transition To PPC Account Manager

    … have compiled their advice here. Here we go… Organization The importance of organization cannot be overstated. As a production member of the team, routine tasks were assigned by the account manager. So, in the transition to account manager, these tasks are no longer assigned but still need to be done. Organization ensures these tasks are completed…

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  • 5 Pieces of SEO Advice You Should Ignore Immediately

    …. Here is some SEO advice you should most definitely ignore. More Keywords Means Higher Rankings No, it doesn’t. As the matter of fact, trying to flood content with keywords will do quite the opposite of ranking it high. It will get banned from search engine altogether. Google has this algorithm that has cute and fuzzy update names like Panda, Penguin…

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  • Pick Up the Phone and Call.

    … (cross posted from NewCo Shift) People in business who like to Get Shit Done fall in love with each version of The New. When I was a kid, new was the the Apple II. Then the IBM PC, digital phones and voice mail, the Mac — oh God, the Mac! — word processing, email, the cell phone, the Internet — mmmmm, the Internet! — and then the iPhone — oh…

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  • The Ultimate Interview Guide for Fresh Graduates

    … attention to some imperative tips, you can add a lot of ease and peace to your job interview preparation. This advice will help you get a job offer, as well as improve your overall persona and presentation, benefiting you in many spheres of personal and professional life. So here’s the ultimate interview guide that will get you all prepped up. Practice…

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  • Should You Follow Money or Follow Your Passion?

    … advice and the "follow your passion" crowd usually don't last long as entrepreneurs. So, you should be a hard hitter and chase the money, right? Coffee is for closers and all that. Well, chasing the money is also a pretty reliable way to fail at the startup game... So, what exactly is the right approach? Check out today's video to find out…

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  • How AntRanks Can Help You With Your SEO

    … some links have immediate results, some might take time. There are a lot of criteria that anchors Google rankings; some of them are the domain authority of the website linking back to yours, the quality of the content, and the traffic your link is getting. One such tool that can in this endeavor is AntRanks. This tool is advantageous for SEO…

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  • 4 Recommendations for Developing a New Niche

    … can do to elevate your brand. Learn More 3. Become a Coach or Consultant One of the more natural spinoffs for a successful entrepreneur or business is to venture into the world of coaching and consulting. Once you’ve mastered your industry, it may be more profitable to actually teach people how to do the same. This is something Inspired Life Media…

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  • How sportsmanship mirrors life

    … that Yup, you have 2 choices when a project or idea doesn’t work out. There isn’t one right answer. In most cases, if the right choice isn’t clear to you, I’d recommend that you get some expert advice. Here are some ideas: Ask in an online group, such as a Facebook or LinkedIn group Hire an expert in your field to evaluate your situation Ask your coach…

    Ellen Finkelstein/ Change the World Marketingin How To's- 21 readers -
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