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  • The Top Ten Tips For Effective Dayparting

    … driven largely by adults with careers. Tip #2: Know Your Goal While dayparting is an extremely useful tool for boosting performance, it’s critical that you employ your ad scheduling strategy in a consistent manner with your campaign goals. If you’re constrained by budget, identify your inefficiencies and leverage negative modifiers to lower your…

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  • Is It Time for a PPC Management Quality Score?

    … (said in the voice of Aladdin’s Genie) and if you get on their bad side, they will blast away at you willy nilly. I’m not arguing here the veracity of this claim, I’m just reporting how many small businesses feel where Google is concerned. They don’t understand how it works, but they fear the reaper (and there’s no Will Ferrell to explore…

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  • A Client’s Introductory Guide to Pay Per Click Marketing

    …? 2. What is the Key to Winning at Pay Per Click? 3. Tips Specifically for Clients What is Pay Per Click Marketing? Pay per click marketing is most commonly done on search engines, so we’ll use them as a point of reference. The most well known pay per click marketing platform is Google AdWords. Other search engines support pay per click platforms…

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  • A Client’s Introductory Guide to Pay Per Click Marketing

    … click marketers tend to be big data nerds. Since pay per click marketing generates loads of data on user behavior, and does so very quickly, it's an excellent platform for iterative testing. It's essential to test landing pages, ads, keywords and other factors. I'd also advise testing broader concepts, such as your business pricing model or new…

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