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  • Leveraging Analytics For Remarketing: Picking The Ripest Fruit

    … July 25, 2016 Remarketing represents the low hanging fruit of the digital marketing world. This cliche or some analogous iteration is parroted throughout the paid search community to no end. It’s a safe assumption that this mentality has either been repeated or embraced by nearly every account manager, myself included. And while…

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  • Moving Beyond Keyword Targeting In 2015

    … Series week continues at PPC Hero as we try to write about the same topic every day. This week’s topic is predictions for 2015. When I’m asked to think about 2015, the first area I assess is how keyword targeting seems like it’s becoming less relevant, and there are so many new alternatives to targeting ads. I fully expect all the new features…

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  • Running Effective PPC Campaigns In The Legal Industry

    …. Conclusion Running effective PPC campaigns in the legal space takes much time and effort. The account structure must be solid and fluid throughout the search process. Granted these notions can be said about any account, but they are especially true in the legal space due to search intent, competitiveness, and sensitivity. Hopefully the tips provided will help as you run your accounts for legal clients. …

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  • The PPC Play Book

    … may not have a thank-you page, so you will need to use an on-click function and customize your analytics goals. Use the color wheel to find complementary colors for your call to action buttons. Here is one I use (you will want to use the opposite of your website skin for CTA’s). 10) Name: “RLSA” Description/why: “Remarketing Lists for Search Ads…

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  • Remarketing Gladiators: AdWords vs Analytics Lists Dissected

    … In PPC, the power of remarketing is undeniable. Being able to interact with those who’ve already experience your site is a huge advantage to those slow-pokes who haven’t figured it out quite yet. But better than gloating about our clear expertise, let’s help those who are still struggling to get it together by breaking down where to start…

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  • Use AdWords Similar Audiences To Reach Your Uncovered Audience

    … not been identified as part of your target audience. Either way, they are consumers and the first step is letting them know you are out there. Similar Audiences If you are an advertiser that has seen success through Remarketing within the Google Display Network (GDN), and you are looking for a way to expand your reach, Similar Audiences is a low risk way…

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