Adwords Script Edits

  • The New Features In Google Shopping Scripts

    … with using scripts in your Google Search campaigns, you may want to review those as well for additional support on the Google Developer site or here on PPC Hero. Everything changes once you land at the ad group level. Google has introduced new entities to represent product groups, which are built differently than ad groups. Rather than use…

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  • 3 Scripts For More Effective Google Shopping Reporting

    … A few month's ago I wrote about the power of AdWords scripts reporting. The reporting functionality in scripts allows you to access the API data tables. Not only is reporting faster and more efficient but allows access to additional metrics. Reporting is less technically demanding so even if you don't have a lot of experience coding, this method…

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  • 5 Common AdWords Script Mistakes

    … an individual thought. The semi-colon instructs the script on where the expression ends. Unlike a language like Python, JavaScript does not recognize white space. If you forget a semi-colon, even after starting a new line, the script will not run correctly. In AdWords scripts themselves, the editor may misinterpret the error as well. Since there…

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