Adwords Scripts

  • Coffee Talk: Catching Up With Hanapin’s PPC Experts

    … to be able to think more probabilistically. [To look at data and say “these are the probable outcomes of something”. And the other side is one that, the data isn’t sacred. It isn’t a perfect entity. It is a resource you can use. So it is how do I use it as a resource to make better decisions? What is your PPCHero Superpower? It depends on who you ask…

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  • Using Google Sheets as a Script Controller

    … September 21, 2017 Today we’re going to use Google Sheets as a control center of sorts for AdWords Scripts. The Sheets interface allows users to make adjustments via a spreadsheet rather than through the code itself. This method not only makes changes easier to implement but empowers less technical users to harness the power of scripts…

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  • Use AdWords Scripts To Update Negative Placements

    … is that like many routine changes, it is a drudge of a task to implement at large numbers. In AdWords we can take advantage of AdWords scripts to handle the bulk of this work. In this article, we’ll move from concept to an automated solution and cover a few opportunities for improving the script. This won’t be a perfect solution for every case…

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