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  • SEO and SEM: Is There a Difference?

    … also helps in increasing your visibility and traffic to your page. Now the question you might be asking is: Is there a difference? The SEO vs. SEM issue is one a lot of newcomers to the online marketing world struggle with, since they run into both terms so often. To help those of you who are still wondering about it, we’re taking up the topic…

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  • Is the Search Partners Network Hurting Your CTR?

    … I recently noticed some strange terms appearing in a new client’s search term reports that were really hurting click through rates. There were thousands of impressions and dozens of clicks for terms containing ‘& utes accessories’. There were also similar search terms containing ‘parts & accessories automotive’.… The post appeared first…

    DEJAN SEO- 8 readers -
  • What Is PPC?

    … that your website or your advertisements will make it to the top of the SERPs, then PPC is an ideal technique you need to consider. PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is a marketing technique where you pay to be able to place your advertisement or a link to your website at the top or side of search engine results as well as partner websites that use…

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