Affiliate 101

  • Are You Being a Good Client to Your Affiliate Partners?

    Most people want to live and work in a world of partnerships. Partnership means that everyone is on the same team, working together towards a common goal. Everyone contributes in different ways, but all have an equal vested interest. This is no different when the relationship is between an agency and affiliates, or, as we prefer to call them at AP, marketing partners.

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  • Affiliate Marketing FAQ’s for Beginners

    … What exactly is affiliate marketing? What’s a “cookie”? How do I get compensated for promoting a brand? Whether you’re thinking about signing up with a brand as an affiliate or have already done so, chances are, you have a lot of questions. To help you better understand this marketing model and how to be successful with it, we’ve compiled a list…

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  • Affiliate Marketing 101: Part III

    How to Start an Affiliate Program In previous posts we’ve discussed how affiliate marketing works and how to develop an effective affiliate marketing strategy. Before your program can start bringing in customers, there are three critical steps you need to take: establish your management team, select an affiliate network that will support your strategy, and finally set up your program.

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  • Affiliate Marketing 101: Part I

    … actually result in a transaction. Affiliates Affiliates can be any manner of site, but generally they tend to be bloggers or other content sites related to the merchant’s industry. Affiliates work to introduce their visitors to the merchant’s brand. They might write a post about a new product or promotion on the merchant’s site, feature banner ads…

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