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  • ZeroPark Does Not Want Clean Ad Spend

    … "Get Finch's best tips, tricks, strategies and shortcuts." Download a FREE 40-page preview of Finch's bestselling 'Premium Posts: 2015 Edition'. Plus receive monthly private tips. …

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  • Convert The Unconvertibles

    There’s a lot of advice in the affiliate marketing world about how to build profitable campaigns. Some good, some bad, some as healthy as a fist in the balls. Much of this advice shields affiliates from the elephant in the room: That no matter what we do, only a small percentage of our campaigns will end up profitable. Probably something like 10% for most affiliates.

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  • OUT NOW: A Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing

    … In case you thought this blog had died and gone to Heaven Hell… Nope! I’ve been scribbling away in the darkness and I’m relieved/delighted to finally announce: A Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing First question, how is it different from the Premium Post series? This guide is a cohesive start-to-finish, step-by-step guide to affiliate…

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  • 6 Reasons Why Campaigns Fail (And How to Fix Them)

    It’s 300 years since alchemy went out of fashion, but some affiliates still believe in the principle of a philosopher’s stone: A magic formula that can turn very average materials in to gold. It’s catnip for affiliates. “What one technique can I inject in to my marketing for transformative results?” Be careful with this mindset. My view is that pragmatism will bring you closer to success.

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  • Dear Affiliate, Are You Made Out of Sheep?

    … Are you an expendable affiliate? Or a great affiliate? Only two steps separate you from the best, or the worst: Step 1: Deliver more revenue than you take in commission. Step 2: Generate this commission at a profit. An affiliate offers no value if he neglects Step 1. His business goes broke if he neglects Step 2. Every day, hundreds…

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  • How to Turn $5,000 in to an Affiliate Business

    … Here’s an interesting question I received from a reader: Say you are starting affiliate marketing today with a $5,000 budget — what’s the best way to turn this type of budget in to a long-term affiliate business? And how long would it take? I see this dilemma often. “I have XXXX in the bank. My skills are A, B and C. Please tell me how to turn…

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  • 5 Things I Would Do If I Were Starting Affiliate Marketing Today

    … “What would you do if you were starting from scratch in affiliate marketing today?” This is one of those questions that pops up on forums, and lands in my inbox often. It’s difficult to answer. Mainly because it suggests we should be able to predict where our future money lies. I don’t think there’s a single affiliate who doesn’t wish he…

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  • How Much Could I Pay You to Quit Affiliate Marketing?

    … There was an interesting poll up on the STM Forum this week: What guaranteed monthly salary would you accept to quit affiliate marketing for a job in the corporate world? Just under 50% of the affiliates who replied said you’d have to pay them at least $500K per year to quit affiliate marketing. That’s pretty remarkable. Anybody who works…

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  • The Scaling Fallacy: Life As An Affiliate Whack-a-Moler

    Jack creates 10 campaigns in 10 countries on TrafficJunky: Here are his morning stats: Germany: +$45 France: +$10 Switzerland: -$5 Netherlands: +$20 United Kingdom: +$12 Australia: +$25 Canada: -$21 Belgium: +$42 Turkey: +$20 Sweden: -$10 JACK’S TOTAL PROFIT: $138 Bill creates 1 campaign in 1 country on TrafficJunky.

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