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    • Staying Organized When Recruiting Affiliates Into Your Affiliate Program

      As we all know, affiliate recruitment is one of the five key pillars of affiliate program management. While all the pillars are important, most affiliate managers will devote at least 75% of their time toward recruitment. After all, if you’re not recruiting affiliates then your sales force isn’t growing and you’re not selling more products. Massive action will yield massive results.

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    • Show Some Love to Your Affiliates: 5 Tips for Effective Affiliate Relationship Management

      With today being Valentine’s Day, we must remember to show our affiliates some love! Any successful affiliate program must include include proper relationship management. As a merchant, or affiliate management agency, one of your goals is to have as many publishers promoting your products as possible. For that to happen, you must have an on-going relationship with those publishers.

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    • 4 Creative Ways To Recruit Content Publishers Into Your Affiliate Program

      As affiliate marketers, we’re always trying to lock down the elusive content publishers. These affiliates are the holy grail of any merchant’s affiliate program. They are so valuable because they are seen as an expert in their niche. Their traffic is highly targeted and these users are on their site for a very specific reason. As a marketer, this should make you salivate.

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  • Follow Up is a Must in Affiliate Recruitment

    … Affiliate recruitment is one of the most important aspects of affiliate management. Nearly 80% of any affiliate manager’s time will be spent on affiliate recruitment. That 80% will be broken down differently for each individual, however, the most successful affiliate program managers spend a significant amount of time on follow ups. Follow ups…

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  • 3 Es of Effective Affiliate Activation via Email Campaigns

    … Affiliate inactivity is a very common problem. In fact, in most affiliate programs, as much as 90 percent of activity is attributed as little as 10 percent of onboarded affiliates, if not less. So, in managing an affiliate program it is imperative that you devote time to activation campaigns – motivational initiatives targeting the stagnant…

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  • Affiliate Marketing Tip of the Week: Competing with Amazon in SEO

    … In this week’s Affiliate Marketing Tip of the Week we tackle a situation faced by countless affiliates and affiliate managers – that of competing with Amazon’s stellar search engine rankings. Amazon, the company whose affiliate marketing program is in many ways exemplary of leveraging affiliates for growing a business, is crushing many brands…

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  • 20 Ways to Motivate Stagnant Affiliates to Activate

    … 20. Follow-ups If you have 20 minutes to spare, here is the full video on the “20 Ways to Get them Cranking:” Here is also the complete slide deck for you to follow along: In conclusion, let me emphasize that the ways to motivate affiliate activation are far more than the twenty outlined above. Look at the larger RITS framework, and think what…

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  • New Case Study! How Strategic Changes Saved Client $560,000

    … When the AP program management team initially pulled projections of what they thought they’d be able to save Client X after strategic changes were implemented, the amount was approximately $185,000. After doing so, the actual amount that the AP team was able to save Client X was $560,000 – in under a year. By the beginning of 2017, Client X’s…

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  • New Case Study! Affiliates Drive 49% Lead Conversion Rate

    … to promote their products), but not the other (the side that needed high-value leads). In addition to helping our client establish a whole new lead generation-focused affiliate program for one side of their business, we also: Surpassed their lead generation goal by 173% Recruited better brand-aligned affiliates into both of their affiliate…

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  • 5 Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make

    … As a new affiliate marketer, performance marketing can seem daunting. It’s an industry that is ever evolving, which can make it challenging for any brand marketer to know the best way to start and scale an affiliate program. To make things a little easier, we asked five affiliate managers at Acceleration Partners to share the top mistakes…

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  • New Case Study! How We Helped Client Grow Revenue by 206%

    …-of-the-crop affiliates? Then be sure to check out our other case studies. And if you’d like to know how we can help your affiliate program, reach out to our affiliate management team. The post New Case Study! How We Helped Client Grow Revenue by 206% appeared first on Acceleration Partners. …

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  • Direct Revenue Share Affiliate Programs and Online Marketplaces

    … are you currently selling the book?” (read: which online property would you envisage affiliates to drive the prospective buyers too?) The answer was: “It’s sold on Amazon, and I want affiliates to increase my sales there.” We could never start that affiliate program. The conditions made it purely impossible. Fast-forward two and a half years…

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  • How I’ve Seen Affiliate Marketing Change Over the Years

    … The year was 2003. After working in publishing for nearly five years, I decided it was time for a change. As “digital marketing” was just becoming a thing, I went looking for a job in that realm and was lucky enough to find a position as an Assistant Affiliate Manager. Up until I was hired, I had never even heard of affiliate marketing. Back…

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