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  • [Webinar] Navigating Next Generation Affiliate Marketing Strategies

    … Northrop, Webinar Producer and Host of Which Test Won, to share best practices on how to elevate your affiliate marketing strategy. Robert will explain how retailers are focusing their affiliate programs on brand alignment, high-quality partners, mobile optimization and expansion to drive revenue. The post [Webinar] Navigating Next Generation Affiliate Marketing Strategies appeared first on Acceleration Partners. …

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  • Affiliate Marketing FAQ’s for Beginners

    … are paid out through the third-party network the program is hosted on. Is there a cost associated with signing up for an affiliate program? There is no cost for signing up as a partner to promote a brand through their affiliate program. You can sign up for as many programs as you would like across any affiliate network at no cost to you. What…

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  • How to Manage an Affiliate Program that Attracts Both Buyers and Sellers

    Last week, I wrote about how there’s been a change in perspective around what affiliate marketing is and its role in companies’ larger marketing plans – especially companies who serve two different audiences: buyers and sellers. We referred to these types of companies as online “marketplaces” and explained that their affiliate marketing model is unique because it needs to att ...

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  • How to Increase your Amazon Affiliate Earnings for the Holidays

    If you’re anything like most of the western world at the moment, you’ve got shopping on the brain. Chances are, so do your readers! The peak consumption time around Christmas is usually a peak earning time for those of us who are affiliate sellers. I always have a spike of income around December (and to a lesser extent, November and January), because people are always on the ...

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  • A 3-Step Blueprint for Smart Affiliate Marketing

    This is a guest contribution from Anil Agarwal. Building a blog that gets huge traffic isn’t necessarily hard, but converting that traffic into sales can be. Most people think they can make a living online by increasing their website traffic. In reality, though, it’s not about any old traffic- it has to be targeted.

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  • How I Made over $500,000 with the Amazon Affiliate Program

    Six months into blogging, I realised that this hobby of mine was going to need some kind of income stream, and I happened to come across the Amazon Affiliate program, where I would earn a small commission on their products I recommended. Twelve years later, I’ve earned over half a million dollars with them and I continue to be an Amazon affiliate seller (primarily on Digital Ph ...

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  • 10 Amazing Affiliate Marketing Blogs

    … Affiliate marketing isn’t a new trend. It’s been around for years. In fact, Amazon Associates, which is one of the first online affiliate marketing programs, has been in use since 1996. However, with advances in technology like the rise of mobile devices, affiliate marketing is evolving extremely quickly. This means that if you haven’t…

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  • 10 Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Platforms

    One of the most popular, effective, and easiest ways to make some extra dough online is through affiliate marketing – it’s also a great way to spread the word about your products. However, if you are busy with all of the stress that comes with your day-to-day operations, how can you find the time to devote to promoting and managing your affiliate program? The answer to your ...

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  • How to Master High Ticket Affiliate Programs

    … How to Master High Ticket Affiliate Programs Being an affiliate marketer is just like being a commission only sales person, in other words you only make money when you sell something. However, the problem for most newbies is choosing something to sell which will generate a substantial commission from the get-go, because there are many different…

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  • Interview with Thomas Founder Tapfiliate

    … for now What are the challenges you are facing right now and how are you planning to overcome those challenges? We really want to speed up product development. We have currently investigating different options of doing so. What are your favorite traffic sources? And why? I love that our own clients are using our own affiliate program to promote our…

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