Affiliate Recruitment

  • Key Questions about Affiliate Marketing from Our Recent Webinar

    … different answers. It’s not an easy process and many clients are still trying to understand what incrementality means to them. We approach incrementality by determining the business model, examining target behaviors, and analyzing cross-channel data. How do you recommend working with coupon sites? We recommend being consistent. It’s difficult…

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  • Can Robots Take Over Affiliate Management?

    …. Imagine you’re a startup and want to be mentioned by a super huge affiliate. Would they consider you? Marketing Organization: What kind of affiliate can you integrate into your program? Only Content or even PPC, Retargeting, Display, RTB? Depending on the organisation and size of the marketing department, the width of your affiliate type portfolio…

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  • What to Expect from Passive Affiliate Recruitment

    … Affiliate recruitment may be split into two main types: active and passive recruitment. Simply put, active recruitment is when affiliates find out about your program through your outreach, whereas passive recruitment is when they find you by themselves. Twenty days ago we “turned off” all active recruitment for a (non-paying) client…

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