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  • New Case Study! How AP Generated 6,600 Content Affiliates for Top Retailer

    Recruiting high-quality content affiliates is no easy task – much less over six thousand of them! Which is why, when one of our clients presented us with this challenge, we were a bit awestruck. Actually, let’s be honest. We were pretty darn intimidated. However, our team knew that, if we were really strategic about it, thought outside the box, and collaborated ...

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  • Identifying the Top-Performing Affiliates Across Affiliate Programs

    An interesting question came to me from a Europe-based consultant who is now focused on affiliate recruitment for a client. His current focus is U.S. affiliates. After describing his situation, he asked: Do you know where I would be able to find a list of the biggest 15-20 partners on the average US program? The short answer is: you can identify some of the top affiliates by ...

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  • 5 Tips for Effective Affiliate Recruitment on Social Media

    No week passes by without someone reaching out to me via social media about their “great” affiliate program. Somehow Twitter and LinkedIn end up being the top platforms preferred by most of these recruiters. Having received another one of such invites via Twitter, I thought of putting together a blog post dissecting the anatomy of an affiliate recruitment Tweet/post doomed to failure.

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  • 18 Types of Affiliates (Most of Which You Do Not Yet Use)

    When I audit affiliate programs, one of the first things I analyse is how diversified their affiliate base is. It isn’t unusual for the chart to look something like this: Does the above pie chart look familiar? Keep reading then… No affiliate program has to be this heavily dependent on any one type of affiliates. However, the vast majority, actually, is.

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  • Key Questions about Affiliate Marketing from Our Recent Webinar

    … before looking for services might be more ideal. We are observing that technology and tracking RFPs are becoming separate from services RFPs as people realize that these could be done by the same agencies but that these are fundamentally different groups and require different competencies. How are you advising your clients on incrementality? Please…

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  • Can Robots Take Over Affiliate Management?

    At the past Affiliate Management Days conference in London I met a bright gentleman from Germany who was (and still is) working for one of the country’s major e-tailers. Today, nearly a year later, I have a pleasure of welcoming him as AM Navigator’s newest guest author. Meet Julian Henrichs and read his first post below.

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  • What to Expect from Passive Affiliate Recruitment

    Affiliate recruitment may be split into two main types: active and passive recruitment. Simply put, active recruitment is when affiliates find out about your program through your outreach, whereas passive recruitment is when they find you by themselves. Twenty days ago we “turned off” all active recruitment for a (non-paying) client, but, naturally, affiliates were still fin ...

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