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  • Dear Affiliate, Are You Made Out of Sheep?

    … any more. Forever the bridesmaid.) A tiny percentage of affiliates succeed in producing profit for both parties. They are the affiliates who understand the Value Chain. This post is to explain how you can become one of the lucky guys. The Problem with Optimising For Leads There are three main models you can use to make money. PPL — Get paid per…

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  • Things I’ve Learned From Baller Affiliate Marketers

    … of this is oriented to affiliate marketing, the principles can be applied to other businesses online and off. 1) If You Need It – Buy It This is a principle I picked up early in my affiliate business and I’m glad I did. I had been working on my own affiliate campaigns for almost a year and then started working with a parter that had a couple more years experience…

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  • Pre-Live Checklist – What To Do Before Launching a Campaign

    … the click goes through to your landing page (or the offer). Login to your tracker or the affiliate network and make sure the click was registered. Then click to the offer and make sure that click registered. Complete the lead and make sure the conversion pixel fired on your tracker and in the network. If the conversion didn’t fire in the network, it may… 8 readers -
  • Ad Tool For The Lazy Split Tester

    … [Disclaimer: The following post is not paid and contains no affiliate links] So recently I was contacted to checkout a new tool for FB/POF advertisers called FBAdsToolbox. Pretty simple concept, you upload an image, quickly crop it to 110×80 within the tool and it spits out currently 82 variations of that image. The tool works really fast…

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  • Creating Profitable Campaigns: The Rick Ross Method

    … works. Sometimes you win based on pure grit and determination and others it’s the pure luck of stumbling into something profitable in your mad dash to meet that daily hustle goal. Either way if your not playing the game you have no fucking chance of winning, so mark that calender, write on your white board, set a goal, and get paid in September. Cheers to the hustle, Strov Tagged affiliate, campaigns, everyday, goals, hustlin, launch, marketing, rick, ross …

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