Affiliate Tips

  • Dear Affiliate, Are You Made Out of Sheep?

    … Are you an expendable affiliate? Or a great affiliate? Only two steps separate you from the best, or the worst: Step 1: Deliver more revenue than you take in commission. Step 2: Generate this commission at a profit. An affiliate offers no value if he neglects Step 1. His business goes broke if he neglects Step 2. Every day, hundreds…

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  • Things I’ve Learned From Baller Affiliate Marketers

    … of this is oriented to affiliate marketing, the principles can be applied to other businesses online and off. 1) If You Need It – Buy It This is a principle I picked up early in my affiliate business and I’m glad I did. I had been working on my own affiliate campaigns for almost a year and then started working with a parter that had a couple more years experience…

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  • Pre-Live Checklist – What To Do Before Launching a Campaign

    … the click goes through to your landing page (or the offer). Login to your tracker or the affiliate network and make sure the click was registered. Then click to the offer and make sure that click registered. Complete the lead and make sure the conversion pixel fired on your tracker and in the network. If the conversion didn’t fire in the network, it may… 8 readers -
  • Ad Tool For The Lazy Split Tester

    … [Disclaimer: The following post is not paid and contains no affiliate links] So recently I was contacted to checkout a new tool for FB/POF advertisers called FBAdsToolbox. Pretty simple concept, you upload an image, quickly crop it to 110×80 within the tool and it spits out currently 82 variations of that image. The tool works really fast…

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  • Creating Profitable Campaigns: The Rick Ross Method

    … paper. When my income took a big hit I was left with nothing, because I had gotten to a point where I had a few good camps going that were making 90% of my income and I like many affiliates got lazy and lost my hustle. Sure I would get a random idea and launch a campaign here and there, but really if I had to make a pie chart of what my actual online…

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  • Facebook Bid Lowering Strategies: How To Get Cheaper Clicks

    No reason behind this photo other than it's one of my favorite classic ads Lets talk about magic. Not the stupid kind that people put on capes and wait in line at the movies to see, but the kind that makes you money. I’m talking about the black magic that is lowering bids and reducing CPC’s on FB ads.

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