• Facebook’s Self-Serve Ad Creative Can’t Be SMBs’ Only Choice

    … and then execute their campaigns across channels, including Facebook, as well as mobile and desktop display advertising. The best possible outcome for SMBs is that competition makes the advertising and creative processes much easier across the board, as opposed to a single player coming to dominate the market. Lynn Tornabene is CMO of AffinityX, where she leads brand strategy, corporate communications and marketing. She is also directly involved with all digital innovation as head of product strategy. …

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  • How the SMB/Local Advertising Community Can Avoid ‘Bad Ads’

    …. Google’s recent Better Ads Report reveals that the company disabled more than 780 million ads for violating its policies in 2015, due to clear-cut problems like phishing, malware and scams, as well as poor creative executions. Ads with creative that made false claims, tricked consumers into clicking, or disrupted the overall consumer experience were…

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  • How the Tech Emerging From CES Could Impact Local Advertisers

    … Most SMB advertisers won’t be immediately leveraging the technology unveiled recently at CES in Las Vegas, but that doesn’t mean they can’t tap into the excitement that the show generates with consumers and businesses alike. CES is no longer simply a show about TVs, cars and cell phone cases — it now represents the best of what humanity can…

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