After School

  • The Top 6 Ways to Grow Your App

    … walk into the class with 300 students. He basically just walked in and shouted: ‘I’m looking for my Tinder match.’ His Tinder match turned out to be the professor. The whole class died of laughter.” Cory Levy at After School used similar tactics to spread his app. In fact, he hired a paid actor to pretend to be in high school, evangelize…

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  • After School, Generation Z, and the Localization of Anonymous Expression

    … Yak and others opened a free-for-all for geo-connected youths to publicly shame (or, on occasion, praise) one another. Under the cloak of anonymity and the domain of local many lives were harmed, and worse. School’s Out Then came After School, the app that launched in 2014 by Michael Callahan and Cory Levy with a built-in locals-only filter…

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