Age Sets

In anthropology, an age set is a social category or corporate social group, consisting of people of similar age, who have a common identity, maintain close ties over a prolonged period, and together pass through a series of age-related statuses. This is in contrast to an age grade, through which people pass individually over time.While a year group or class in a school could be regarded as a simple example of an age set (e.g. 'Class of 2004'), the term is most commonly used to refer to systems in tribal societies.
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  • December 2014 Income Report | Month #18 | + $12,645.32 PROFIT

    … to do things differently. I broke my winning campaign into multiple ad sets by set age groups. E.g, if my campaign was working for 40-65 year olds, I’d split it to, 40-45, 46-50, 51-55, 56-60, 60-65, 65+ I’d put $20-$50 towards each of these ad sets depending on which age groups were converting the best and monitor the campaign for a few days…

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