• Confessions of a media agency veteran on programmatic: ‘A downward spiral’

      While rebates are a known — if controversial — practice in the U.K., hidden fees are different. In the latest installment of the Digiday Confessions series, where we grant anonymity in exchange for candor, a media agency veteran with over three decades of experience in advertising lifts the lid on the murky world of programmatic margins.

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    • A view of the post-cookie measurement battleground

      Identity measurement is hot in online advertising, again. Stitching together an individual’s cross-device user journey has always been nearly impossible to do with real precision, largely because mobile usage can’t be tracked through cookies. That’s why the term “identity measurement” has come to be regarded as the next best thing to the cookie, when it comes to tracking a per ...

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    • Why is third-party data still often wrong?

      Data may be everywhere, but it often isn’t worth a damn. Despite how invasive some people may feel digital data collection might be, targeters still have trouble differentiating basic demographic traits such as age and gender. “A lot of the data that informs programmatic media buying is unreliable and conflicting,” said an ad tech exec who requested anonymity.

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  • ‘Inclusivity is the mantra’: Inside Indian creativity

    … This is Global Creative, a new series by Digiday that highlights the nuances of advertising scenes in different parts of the world, through the eyes of an established creative from there. India is one of the fastest-growing ad markets with a digital spend predicted to surpass $11 billion by 2020. But advertising to people in a country that has 22…

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  • How decentralizing trade desks created a new set of problems

    … complained to their agencies about the obfuscation and fees of trading desks. So to lower costs and improve transparency with clients, several holding companies decentralized their programmatic buyers by axing their trading desks and spreading their programmatic people across individual agencies. Michael Collins, CEO of demand-side platform…

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  • ‘It’s brutal’: Junior agency employees feel the squeeze from low margins

    …. For agencies squeezed by fee issues, taking on “no-margin” or “low-margin” accounts, or more project work, is a common way out. (It can provide a high upside for shops.) But in an industry where “margins” basically mean people’s salaries, the human cost of this is often junior employees, who are being forced to work longer hours and rarely see any…

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  • What does your agency Slack avatar say about you?

    … Love it or hate it, Slack has become an intrinsic part of office life. Not all agencies may have embraced it, but the ones that have don’t hesitate to put their own spin on it. Whether you opt for the professional headshot or the too-cool-to-care default square, your Slack avatar says a lot about you and your personality. “Unlike email, Slack…

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  • Agencies get excited about Instagram ads in Stories and new analytics tools

    …, for instance, can cost hundreds of thousands dollars for a two-week buy. And the price for Discover can go up to $20,000 per day for a brand to just be there, according to Song. Some agencies also see Snapchat’s ad-sales approach as experiencing “growing pains.” Snapchat told Digiday that its ads options are usually under $100,000 and geofilters start…

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  • Get the agency trend report from Digiday Pulse

    … (alongside its Instagram property) is still positioned to be the dominant recipient of agency dollars. Percent of agencies increasing spend Instagram: 75% Facebook Ads: 70% Facebook Video: 65% Snapchat: 31% Twitter: 25% Instagram in particular is on track for tremendous growth just in the next two years, with an estimated 175…

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  • VR, AI and voice: Behind the hype at CES 2017

    … a full powerpoint presentation — a “proof of concept” to demonstrate how voice and AI will impact everything from medicine to day-to-day tasks at ad agencies. Even The Weather Channel hosted late-night food trucks to show off IBM’s Watson technology. “This year more than ever, physical shopping has blurred with digital experiences. Just look…

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  • As Facebook and Twitter stumble on measurement, Snapchat scores brownie points

    … Snapchat’s latest measurement play has earned it a gold star from media agencies at a time when rivals are still working to scrub off their black marks. This week the Gen Z favorite rolled out an integration with third-party provider Moat for the U.K. and France so brands can see if their video ads are viewed and heard by a human being (versus…

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  • ‘A secondary agenda’: What media companies and marketers really do at CES

    … to Sonic and JP Morgan in a 72-hour period,” said Sean Reardon, U.S. CEO of agencies Zenith and Moxie. This year will be the first time Publicis Media — the agency network that includes Starcom and Zenith — will host an actual event during CES. Hosted at The Bellagio, Publicis Media has scheduled four days of panels, presentations and meetings…

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  • 2016’s five hottest ad tech acquisitions

    … years now, management consultancies have been thorns in agencies sides, increasingly competing for the same client accounts. Deloitte, IBM Interactive Experience, and Accenture are three of the most notable. And yet, for all their data resources and mega investment budgets, they’ve never quite managed to convince anyone that they have the creative…

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