• Rolling in at 10 a.m.: Why agencies still have late start times

      It’s a quirk unique to the media and marketing industries that work starts somewhere around 9:30 a.m. At iCrossing, for example, many work from home in the morning, squeeze in a gym session, then walk in, around 10 or so, said David Santos, chief talent officer at iCrossing. Companies imposing traditional work hours run the risk of not being able to attract the best talent, he pointed out.

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    • ‘Crap optimized on crap’: The agency challenge with data

      Every media agency today emphasizes the importance of data. But most shops haven’t quite grasped the pulse of data-driven marketing. Ad executives gathered at the 4A’s Data Summit on Tuesday and discussed their biggest challenge in transforming their agency to be a data-driven organization. Major issues include data quality, siloes on the client side as well as the difficultie ...

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  • Confessions of a black agency employee: ‘I want help’

    … argues there is a need for champions in this industry. Are things getting better? I don’t know if it’s getting better. The visibility around the topic is getting better. AT&T is talking up Black Lives Matter in its advertising. CMOs are sending letters to agencies about their diversity numbers. Brad Jakeman from Pepsi is doing his thing…

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  • On PewDiePie and the inherent difficulties in policing YouTube

    Advertisers might want more stringent ways to police YouTube content in light of the controversy surrounding YouTube’s biggest star, PewDiePie, making anti-Semitic comments on several of his recent videos. Unfortunately, the problem is a lot bigger and more nuanced than PewDiePie (then again, most things are more nuanced than PewDiePie).

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  • We are the new diversified ad agency of the future!

    … Mark Duffy has written the Copyranter blog for 11 years and is a freelancing copywriter with 25-plus years of experience. His hockey wrist shot is better than yours. We are Manifold Motley + Miscellaneous! For us, diversity isn’t just about “male” and “female” or “black” and “white.” We are an omnidirectional global agency that fosters…

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  • Inside the agency bathrooms of the EU

    … Great ideas creep up on you when you least expect them. And advertising agencies have always taken great pains to create an environment that can foster “aha” moments for their creatives. For many, this extends to the bathroom too. While we’ve toured various ad agency offices, there’s often been one room missing: the bathroom. Turns out, you can…

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  • Ask a Millennial: How is your agency handling the fraught Trump era?

    … Post-election America is a divided one. For many corporations, already gunshy around politics, the polarizing nature of the Trump administration has turned workplace political discussions into a minefield. It’s especially tough inside agencies, which are liberal by nature: Ironically, they tout inclusiveness but tend to punish — or at least…

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  • The fraud fighter: How White Ops helped put ad waste (and itself) on the map

    … Ad fraud is no longer the media industry’s dirty little secret. December’s report from a little-known web security startup called White Ops of a Russian fraud operation even made cable TV news. “My mom asked me about it,” groaned Scott Knoll, CEO of Integral Ad Science, one of the leading ad fraud detection firms. “That’s when you know it’s jumped…

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  • ‘They buy into their own Kool-Aid’: Confessions of a fed-up ad tech exec

    … The bewildering digital ad supply chain is said to benefit vendors, but for the latest in our anonymous Confessions series, we talked to an ad tech executive who views the complex chain as an elaborate lie. Here are the excerpts, edited for clarity. What irritates you the most in ad tech? Omission of how agencies and their ad tech vendors…

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  • How agencies and their staffers are resisting Trump with creativity

    … In the current polarized political climate, big brands like Budweiser, Airbnb and Coca-Cola are not the only businesses making statements about togetherness, empowerment and inclusivity. Agencies and agency staffers are not shying away from taking a stand either, coming up with everything from political kits and grassroots-level campaigns…

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  • ‘Too many vested interests here’: Viewability concerns still plague agencies daily

    … Last week, P&G’s chief brand officer Marc Pritchard called time out on digital advertising’s free pass: As part of the advertiser’s four-step plan to clean up the “antiquated” world of media buying, P&G asked its agencies to abide by a universal viewability standard set by the Media Ratings Council. But at London’s Westminster eForum…

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  • Inside the officeless media agency where 75 percent of the staff is female

    … Throughout his marketing career, Jay Friedman has rarely spent a single day in the office, either at agency Young & Rubicam or his current gig as COO at Goodway Group, a programmatic media planning and buying partner to regional agencies. That may sound strange to people who were brought up in an agency culture that prizes face time…

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  • Quiz: Can you pass Havas’ programmatic quiz?

    … Havas Media is on a mission to turn get 25 percent percent of its 20,000 employees to become conversant in automated buying and selling, with the goal being to increase that in the years to come. Part of the program involves a test to see where employees currently land in their knowledge base. Can you pass it? Answers below. 1. The DMP acronym…

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  • How Havas trained 5,000 people in programmatic

    … at other agencies. For example, over the last two years, Starcom has trained thousands of people on programmatic in an effort to modernize a classic “buy media, sell media” structure that was based on channels (print, TV) instead of technology. And with lines blurring between media and creative, everyone needs to go back to school. For each role…

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  • Truffle Pig’s Paul Marcum: Snapchat can break Google-Facebook duopoly

    … Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS If the first month of 2017 is any indication, all eyes will be on Snap Inc. to prove that it’s worth the hype. In the company’s corner: Paul Marcum, president of Truffle Pig, a content-marketing agency launched as a joint venture between ad conglomerate WPP, The Daily Mail and Snapchat in 2015. In a time when…

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