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    • 10 Traits Of A Successful PPC Account Manager: A Client Services View

      March 22, 2017 If you have ever read any of my blog posts, you might have noticed that they are all very client-focused. That’s because I don’t actually do PPC work. Rather, I work with people who do. As an associate director of client services, my position is mostly client-facing and is somewhat a client concierge.

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  • The Greatest PPC Comeback of All Time?

    … headline after headline claiming the Champions (notice how I refuse to mention them by name?) pulled off the greatest comeback in NFL postseason history. This got me thinking: do we see this kind of successful comeback in everyday life? In PPC? When our backs are against the ropes, how often are we winning when we come out swinging? While I…

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  • Prioritizing Your PPC To-Do List

    December 1, 2016 There are about a million things you could be doing in your PPC accounts right now. How do you sift through it all and decide what needs to be done, what should be done, and what can wait? Here we’ll go through some tips on how to prioritize your PPC to-do list and spend your time wisely. Gauging Account Impact vs.

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  • How To Make A Good Account Manager Assignment

    … September 7, 2016 One of my key responsibilities is assigning new accounts to team members. Account manager assignments are the first critical decision made on behalf of an account. Making a good account assignment instills confidence and positively demonstrates to clients an ability to make solid decisions. On the flip side, a poorly…

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  • 4 Ways Clients Can Better Help Their Agencies

    … August 12, 2016 You have picked the agency you think will take your PPC accounts to a new level. You are ready for the next steps and the excitement is real. How do you make sure you get the most out of the relationship you are starting? By following these 4 tips, you can be confident you are doing everything in your power to be a good client…

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  • Better Prepare For PPC Account Transitions

    … you can focus on building the relationship instead of worrying the client about a lack of knowledge. Read more in the full white paper: How To Transition Between PPC Managers The Best Situation: When You Have A Little Notice If you do have notice from your exiting manager and you are given 2 weeks, or even better, 30 days, your process…

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  • Start Your PPC Client Relationships Right

    … brought the client quality leads that convert into sales and which ones don’t. But most of all start thinking how you can focus on what has worked in the past and make it even better. Tracking, Tracking, Tracking! Before you get too deep into any new PPC account, you need to have a conversation with the client about tracking. Questions may include…

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  • It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Right—A Tale of Two Clients

    … The Collaborator is by far my favorite type of client. The Collaborator is the type of client who: Responds to all of your questions Attends every call (and reschedules when they can’t) Listens to your ideas Takes time to share valuable information about their company They don’t expect you to single-handedly make their PPC campaign a success…

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  • Using Basecamp for Effective Paid Search Management

    … We all know how critical it is to be an organized account manager. When setting up paid search projects clear communication, task management, and guidance are necessary for the success of a project. A good account manager needs to be able to act as a conductor and orchestrate the tasks though the duration of the client relationship…

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  • How To Better Connect With Your Client

    … As account managers, we can literally spend several hours a day on the phone speaking to our clients about their accounts. Remembering that these clients have placed their trust in us to manage their PPC spend, it’s incredibly important to create a relationship that runs deeper than their last weekly report. But how do you achieve…

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  • 2 Important Ongoing PPC Agency Services

    … situations. Comprehensive audits can be a bit pricier as a one-time occurrence given the amount of information and opportunities that are presented. If you look at a recurring option with your agency however, they may be able to apply some discounting to subsequent audits. Temporary Staff Augmentation A staff augmentation solution is somewhat retainer…

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  • PPC Agency Consultation Services

    … Some PPC accounts don’t require agency management, but rather consultation from time to time. One-time and ongoing consultation services may be the right option for your PPC account. One-Time Consultation Let’s say you’re managing a smaller account or you have one particular issue you need looked in to by someone other than yourself…

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  • 4 More Unique Solutions PPC Agencies Offer

    … Not every account requires the same solution, but how do you know which PPC program is right for you? Last week our team explored the topic of selecting the right agency, and now it’s time to outline more ways you could work with that agency. Ongoing Retainer This theme will be present a few times throughout this list, but it’s important…

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  • 4 Unique Solutions PPC Agencies Can Offer

    From two-man shops to teams well in the hundreds, agencies offer a wide spectrum of solutions that can be difficult to navigate. As you open up the door to research potential partners to assist with your PPC (or maybe you’ve already selected one), consider how each agency may be able to tailor their offerings to fit.

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  • Agency Tips: 7 Steps for Communicating Bad News

    … If you are part of an agency, and tasked with communicating bad news to clients, you know it can be difficult. Bad news can mean a variety of things. Some of which include: Communicating employee turnover and account team transitions Poor account performance Mistakes made within the account Issues with scope of work Communication…

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  • 5 Tips To Improve Client Communication

    … It happens to the best of us: you and your client just can’t seem to get on the same page. Neither of you know for sure where each other is coming from or where you’re going. Something you thought everyone was on the same page about ends up causing a huge issue because, surprise, you weren’t even in the same book. This post will share 5 tips…

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