Aggregate Data

In statistics, aggregate data describes data combined from several measurements. When data are aggregated, groups of observations are replaced with summary statistics based on those observations.In economics, aggregate data or data aggregates describes high-level data that is composed from a multitude or combination of other more individual data. In macroeconomics, data such as the overall price level or overall inflation rateIn microeconomics, data of an entire sector of an economy composed of many firms, or of all households in a city or region.↑
Posts about Aggregate Data
  • How to Curate SEO Data, and the Data You Should Avoid

    Whether you’re in SEM, SEO, paid social, display, email marketing, etc., not all metrics are created equal, and bad data really is a thing. Being able to make sense of the noise is where you’ll provide the most value to your team and your client. Aggregate data: good, to a point Data in aggregate is really useful when you want to evaluate directionality: in what direction is ...

    Leslie To/ 3Q Digital- 11 readers -
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