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    • Seven ways to future-proof your digital strategy

      Nurcin Erdogan Loeffler, head of strategy and innovation, Vizeum China, outlines the seven ways businesses can future proof their digital strategies. With more than two years in China and a background in strategy, Nurcin Erdogan Loeffler shared her thoughts on future proofing a business strategy with the audience at ClickZ Live Shanghai.

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  • Running marketing like lean software development

    … try Kanban with your marketing team? It’s worth it. Thank you, Monica! For more insights into succeeding with agile and lean marketing methods, attend MarTech Europe in London, 1-2 November. Ulrike Eder, the chief commercial officer of drie Secure Systems, will be one of more than 25 expert speakers at the conference, and he’ll be presenting…

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  • The State of Agile Marketing in 2016

    … Almost 2 years ago, Jascha Kaykas-Wolff shared what Agile Marketing was and why corporations had to shift their strategies to utilize the methodology. Even if you don’t download Jascha’s book, make sure you read the article that goes in-depth on agile marketing. So how far have we come? Workfront released their Agile Marketing Survey results…

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  • Should You Consider a Digital Marketing Agency That Follows Agile Marketing Principles?

    … marketing; however, many marketing agencies still operate with a firm timeline of goals and deliverables that are established at the very beginning of a program, and lack the practice of adapt and reposition based on changing client needs and competitive environments. In this post, I’ll cover an introduction to agile marketing, as well as some…

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  • Insights from the architect of Agile for Marketing

    … The following is another guest Q&A conducted by Claire Schoen, an interview with Barre Hardy of CMG, who will be one of our featured speakers at MarTech later this month. Barre Hardy is Associate Partner, and head of the marketing performance practice at CMG. She created the firm’s Agile for Marketing practice and leads The CMO’s Agenda…

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  • Agile marketing blocked: "Taking a guess can get me fired!"

    … I do a lot of teaching agile marketing to the digital marketing world, ever since the release of my book Do It Wrong Quickly. I once had a class on search marketing where a student lamented that my approach--to experiment and try new things--wouldn't work in her organization. In fact, she told me point blank, "Taking a guess can get me fired…

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  • Plan Run Evaluate Improve Your Marketing Efforts

    … If part of your job involves helping your company to find new customers, especially over the Internet, then there’s a good chance you’ve been hearing a bit of chatter about agile marketing or agile web development. Here's a Couple of Pros and Cons for Applying Agile to Your Marketing Efforts The idea, which originated in the world of software…

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  • Marketing as UX incarnate, with agile and lean principles

    …, and meaningful experimentation — a willingness to try new ideas in smart ways. I’m a big fan of agile marketing with that mission in mind. Imagine now, if you blended those two capabilities together: a recipe for awesomesauce. That’s why I’m very excited that Jeff Gothelf, author of the Jolt Award-winning book Lean UX, principal at Neo, and pioneer…

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  • Using Scrumban (Scrum + Kanban) for agile marketing

    … a section talking about agile marketing. As with almost all of my talks and writing on the subject, I emphasized Scrum as the actual methodology. Variations on Scrum seem to have been the most common approach in agile marketing, and it’s relatively easy to explain. However, in the Q&A portion of my session, Mark chimed in about the experience…

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  • A call-to-arms for The Agile Era of business management

    … There are many posts, articles, and presentations about “agile marketing” out there — I’ve contributed my fair share — that dive into the process of agile management methodologies (mostly adaptations of Scrum). They’re good patterns for implementation — when you’re ready to dig in at that level. There are also plenty, plenty of high-level…

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  • Agile marketing? That would never work here

    … I’m writing this in Frankfurt, where I was honored to be one of the keynote speakers at André Morys’ Conversion Summit, a yearly gathering of several hundred conversion optimization professionals in Germany. My topic was agile marketing, one of my favorite. Usually when I present on agile marketing, the audience splits between those who…

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  • An Agile Approach to Integrated Marketing for Agencies

    … management and not be a standalone activity within a silo; this guarantees that real time communication is still on brand. This, along with the agile approach to marketing, will ensure that modification and adaptation can be implemented in real time in response to the clients’ wants and needs. What are the Benefits of such an Agile Approach to Marketing…

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