• Imitating search algorithms for a successful link building strategy

    …-sensitive PageRank Topic-sensitive PageRank is an evolved version of the PageRank algorithm that passes an additional signal on top of the traditional authority and trustworthy scores. This additional signal is topical relevance. The basis of this algorithm is that seed pages are grouped by the topic to which they belong. For example, the sports section…

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  • Sites Blocking Third Party Link Tools Ahrefs & Majestic

    … removal requests as spam. Hiding Sketchy Links But there is the other side of the coin where those who sell poor quality backlinks don’t necessarily want them showing up in link tool sites such as Majestic, especially if they appear to come from sketchy sites or have a huge number from a single site. In a YouMoz submission from Robert Fisher…

    Jennifer Slegg/ The SEM Post- 15 readers -
  • Ultimate List of Must-Have Tools for Your SEO Toolkit

    …: Beginner CrazyEgg Analytics is great for letting us know what pages visitors went to, but CrazyEgg takes it one step further and tells you where specifically on a page a user clicks. This tool provides invaluable information for improving page layouts and even buttons and images. It can also tell you where people are trying to click in the event…

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  • SEO Report: How to Track Blog Performance on Google

    … explorer Wouldn’t you like to know the top links that your competitor has to their site? These could be links that you could go after as well. Open up Opensiteexplorer and put in your competitor’s web address, then apply the filter to only view external links: Set the filter to view only external links With the free version you will see full…

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  • Website Analysis Report: 7 Questions That Need Answers Today

    … Twitter compared to Google+, but have more conversions from Google+. Action: Read this post on how to analyze social media traffic. 3. What’s broken on your website? It’s important to understand if anything on your website is not working properly. a) Are there any broken links on your site? Use Broken link checker. b) Is Google finding any…

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  • 7 Hot SEO Tips and Tricks for Blogs

    … can consider it when trying to compete against other websites. Moz Toolbar - When you do a Google search, this toolbar adds the domain and page authority onto each search result. Consider using two browsers: one for normal searching and one that has Moz toolbar installed. You can use this one when you are doing your SEO work. Ahrefs - I use…

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