In mathematics and computer science, an algorithm (/ˈælɡərɪðəm/ AL-gə-ri-dhəm) is a step-by-step procedure for calculations. Algorithms are used for calculation, data processing, and automated reasoning.An algorithm is an effective method expressed as a finite list of well-defined instructions for calculating a function. Starting from an initial state and initial input (perhaps empty), the instructions describe a computation that, when executed, proceeds through a finite number of well-defined successive states, eventually producing "output" and terminating at a final ending state.
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  • 2017: The Year That Changed Everything in Online Video

    It's Nerf bow and arrow time! Special thanks to Nerf for sponsoring this video! ► Click HERE to get your own Dude Perfect Nerf Bow! ► Click HERE to subscribe to Dude Perfect! ► Click HERE to watch our most recent videos! http://bit.

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  • How the New Media Rebellion in Video is Reshaping the Publishing World

    … drawn.” The authors admit, “Algorithms that recommend content or program our front page are designed to be impartial, but statistics show that they’re still subject to the same biases – unconscious, explicit, or systemic – that exist in society. Having an open platform where anyone can contribute content is not enough to guarantee equal…

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  • Facebook Watch Time: 15 Ways to Increase Views and Engagement

    … that in order to save their content and social teams time, they can create one video and simply cross-post it on various social video platforms. Unfortunately, as the stat above proves, Facebook users are far less inclined to share a non-native Facebook video, which is counter-productive to your goal of getting more shares to increase your overall watch…

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  • How Video Rankings Differ on Google and YouTube [New Study]

    … Rankings on YouTube and Google Greg Jarboe: Were you surprised by the data that shows just how different the YouTube and Google algorithms for ranking videos are, or did you suspect that and collect the data to confirm your suspicions? Eric Enge: I did suspect that there was a difference. It’s something that I had heard from others, but I saw…

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  • The Significant Seven Social Video Platforms of 2017

    … – particularly its penchant for making algorithm changes without announcing them. And the social video platform can do always a better job of communicating with creators, advertisers, and the press – especially during and after a crisis like the recent YouTube ad boycott and the “Adpocalypse” that followed. But, no one questioned YouTube’s leadership…

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  • Top Three Takeaways From #VidCon 2017 Industry Track

    … that is watching videos for a much longer time. # 2 You CAN Recover From the YouTube ‘Adpocalypse’ But it Takes Work On Friday morning, I deviated from schedule of 28 must-attend sessions that I had put on my calendar before VidCon. And I’m glad that I did, because I attended the session entitled, “Navigating Algorithm Changes in Social Video: How to Respond…

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  • Google Updates Everyday: Here’s What You Need to Know

    … A couple of days ago, some webmasters were discussing what they believe to be a Google algorithm update. In response to that, John Mueller, a Webmaster Trend Analyst, kindly reminded everyone that “[Google] makes changes almost every day.” Webmasters will always experience the highs and lows that come with algorithm updates as their rankings…

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  • 3 Big YouTube Numbers Video Marketers Need to Care About

    … to be ranked highly in YouTube’s search results and related videos. So, use YouTube Analytics to see what videos are successful at keeping viewers watching. Pay close attention to the Watch Time report and Audience Retention report. Keep viewers watching each of your videos by using effective editing techniques to maintain and build interest…

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  • Facebook Is Updating Their News Feed Ranking Algorithm

    … currently existing ranking algorithm. Facebook’s Crusade Against Fake News In recent times, specifically during and right after the recently concluded elections for the United States Presidency, Facebook started a campaign to cull illegitimate news sources from their social network. The fight against fake news isn’t entirely new either as Google has…

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