• 6 Facebook Advertising A/B Tests You Can Run Right Now

    … A/B testing is done through having a control (previous creative that has done well) and a test (new ways of changing the ad itself or optimizing it on the back end). So why A/B test on Facebook ads? Because it is a great way to find out what is resonating with your target audience. If you have just one image with one ad copy, you are putting…

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  • 7 Video Marketing Hacks for Social Media

    This might be the last article I ever write. I’ve built up a substantial portfolio over the past few years, championing the use of video marketing via carefully considered words of wisdom, offering my two cents on subjects such as why emotive storytelling works in content marketing and how to sell yourself in six seconds.

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  • Facebook Develops Custom 360-Degree Video Stabilization Technology

    … Facebook announced at its @Scale Conference 2016 in San Jose, Calif., Wednesday that it developed a custom-designed stabilization technology for 360-degree videos. Other announcements by the social network at @Scale included the open-sourcing of its Zstandard compression algorithm and the deployment of its MyRocks next-generation MySQL…

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  • Why Email Should Be at the Center of Your Social Strategy

    … site Medium, many publishers are adding links to the end of their posts, encouraging readers to sign up for their email newsletters. This is a very simple way to give new audiences the chance to connect on a deeper level via email that doesn’t involve integrating with anything. Many publishers are also taking advantage of the popularity…

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  • Understanding how users, not algorithms, search online will help your SEO

    … Studying how end users, not algorithms, search for solutions online can help improve your SEO efforts. Coming from a background in neuroscience, I’m still learning about the technical side of search engine optimization. I know a little about the terminology thanks to an array of online communities and experts like my ConsumerAffairs colleague…

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  • Twitter: 360,000 Terrorism-Related Accounts Suspended Since Mid-2015

    … are on Twitter and the number of followers they accumulate have all decreased dramatically. We have also made progress in disrupting the ability of those suspended to immediately return to the platform. We have expanded the teams that review reports around the clock, along with their tools and language capabilities. We also collaborate with other…

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  • How UX designers and SEOs can work together

    … create a website architecture, layout and depth of content that will help their users navigate easily to content that they’re interested in without thinking too hard. In other words, SEOs discover the kind of experience users want and UX designers implement it. Analysing Google ranking positions to spot areas for UX improvement Knowing where pages…

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  • 5 Reasons Why Instagram Will Kill Snapchat

    By Guest on Aug. 15, 2016 - 12:00 PM I admit that although I am a 39-year-old, I behave more like a 25-year-old on social media. I’m an avid Instagrammer with 40,000 (real) followers with high engagement (@adam.the.creator), I use Facebook to connect with friends and family, and even got on Snapchat recently to document my small day-to-day moments.

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  • The Problems of the Social Media Echo Chamber

    … is the opposite. In Facebook, Twitter and others, by connecting with our existing friends and by following our preferred information sources, we have only replicated our old villages. We have recreated our online communities in the image of our old worlds. And by reconstituting our same network of acquaintances, rather than reaching out…

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  • With Instagram’s Algorithm Change, Brands Must Double-Down

    … to an algorithmic timeline, akin to its big brother, Facebook, is an attempt to double down on engagement. People simply weren’t seeing the majority of the content in their feed. Instead, as the company’s thinking goes, the algorithm would show users the best of the best, driving engagement and aiming to increase sharing along the way. This move…

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