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  • Former Sprint CEO Dan Hesse Joins Adknowledge Board of Directors

    … with consumers through mobile. Hesse was the CEO of Sprint from December 2007 until August 2014. The 2014 American Customer Satisfaction Index recognized Sprint as the most improved U.S. company in overall customer satisfaction over the previous six years across all 43 industries studied. During his last two full calendar years as CEO, Sprint’s…

    Paul Herdtner/ Adknowledge Blog- 33 readers -
  • Conversions Aren’t Enough: 5 Best Metrics for Measuring Branded Video

    … to viewers. Rather than simply looking at how many people clicked on a piece of content, vendors like Chartbeat measure engaged time by looking at how people are interacting with the webpage. You can have all the video views in the world, but if people are opening a new tab and focusing elsewhere immediately after landing on your videos, it’s…

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  • 5 Reasons to Become a YouTube Advertiser

    … with a global audience depends on more than volume, though. What makes YouTube powerful is its presence in evolving markets; for instance, in the APAC region where digital continues to grow. Reel SEO points out that 80% of YouTube traffic comes from outside of the U.S., with 60 million users in China and 6 million users in Japan (that’s 50% of all…

    Ritika Puri/ Adknowledge Blogin Social YouTube- 42 readers -
  • 4 Brands Killing It with Digital Video

    … For all of the changes the Internet has brought to advertising these past two decades, the industry’s future looks a lot like its recent past in one crucial way: there’s going to be lots and lots of video. Just as the latter half of the 20th century was dominated by TV advertising, brands will continue to employ video’s powerful combination…

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  • Are You Doing Cross-Channel Marketing Correctly?

    … Speaking to your customers consistently across all channels has to be a priority for every business that wants to reach the modern buyer. Today’s customers expect to navigate their purchases seamlessly between social media, blogs, websites and every other channel from any and all of their devices. Cross-channel marketing unites all the various…

    Nick Rojas/ Adknowledge Blogin Content Facebook- 36 readers -
  • Every Media Buyer Needs to Know these 5 Digital Video Trends

    … is simple: mobile video consumption is growing at an accelerated pace, which means there’s a strong window of opportunity to run campaigns at highly competitive price points. According to one stat from eMarketer, more than 77 percent of all tablet users watch video programming on their devices monthly. That rate will grow to 87 percent by 2018. 2…

    Ritika Puri/ Adknowledge Blogin YouTube- 43 readers -
  • If You’re Not Doing Mobile Like These Brands, You’re Doing it Wrong

    … In the early days of mobile marketing, many wondered whether it would be possible to create experiences people actually enjoyed on such a small screen. Back in 2010, even Steve Jobs, godfather of the iPhone, famously went out of his way to declare, “Mobile advertising really sucks.” Fortunately, in the years that have followed, we’ve seen…

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  • New Rules for Social Media Advertising in 2016 and Beyond

    … worldwide in 2015—an increase of 33.5% from 2014. This number represents 16% of all digital advertising spend. Another forecast from the Social Times points out that Facebook CPCs rose roughly 8% between 2013 and 2014, which is a sign that the social giant is becoming more mature as an ad platform. If you’re still approaching channels like Facebook…

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  • Want to Be a World-Class Marketer? Learn from Gaming Companies.

    …”) and Supercell (“Clash of Clans”) are some of the smartest out there when it comes to using their data to get the absolute most from their marketing dollars. In a sense, these companies need to be nearly perfect at executing their mobile marketing strategy, just to survive. After all, they don’t have a chance to put their products in physical stores…

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  • The Video View: the Bastard Metric

    … videos are viewed that can be considered standard across all platforms, channels and use cases. Some platforms don’t even consider a video as viewed unless it has been watched for at least 30 seconds, while others will take anything they can get. Of course, brand videos can go viral; but these days, in order for a brand to get the most ROI out…

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