• 6 Tools Restaurants Can Use to Accept Mobile Orders

    … also offers a delivery component, however restaurants don’t have to provide delivery in order to use the technology. Restaurants can contact Olo for custom pricing. 6. Allset: Mobile pre-ordering for faster table turnover Allset isn’t a traditional mobile ordering platform, but it’s worth mentioning because it does offer a unique value proposition…

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  • 6 Strategies for Improving Email Pitches to SMBs

    …. “Subject lines are the most important thing for cold emails. We try to grab their attention using a variety of differentiating information. Include a mutual acquaintance or the fact that you’re traveling to their city in the subject line.” (Winston Lord, Venga) 2. Lead with a free service. “Lead with the free, valuable service they usually have…

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  • 6 Strategies for Increasing Conversions in Mobile Food Searches

    … options will convert into immediate free online reservations or into online sales if we’re talking about food pre-orders. Restaurants should set up their businesses to as many services as possible to showcase their ordering options. Every pre-ordering, table booking or delivery site will improve their search performance.” (Stas Matviyenko, Allset) Interviews have been edited for length and clarity. Stephanie Miles is a senior editor at Street Fight. …

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  • 6 Mobile Pre-Ordering Tools for Restaurants

    … immediately when customers arrive. 1. Allset: Cut down on wait times during breakfast and lunch. Allset’s goal is to decrease the time people spend waiting around at restaurants. The mobile app offers tools for reserving tables and pre-ordering food. Consumers can select a restaurant, then scroll through a picture menu on the mobile app and decide what…

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  • Case Study: Using Pre-Order Apps to Streamline Lunch Operations

    … Merchant: Alta CA Location: San Francisco, California Platform: Allset Bottom Line: Whether a digital marketing tool will work for a specific business depends largely on that business’ customer demographics. Given its location in the mid-Market area of San Francisco, steps away from the headquarters of tech giants like Twitter, Square…

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