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  • Apple introduces HomePod: A premium speaker with Siri

    … As anticipated, Apple introduced its Amazon Echo and Google Home competitor today at WWDC, its developer conference in San Jose. The retro-named HomePod has Siri built in, but Apple didn’t lead with that or immediately present the new device as a stand-alone virtual assistant. The company made its pitch by emphasizing the sound quality…

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  • Amazon controls 70% of digital assistant device market [eMarketer]

    … digital assistants on any device, including smartphones, in 2017, says eMarketer. That’s more than 27 percent of smartphone users. These numbers are probably conservative. Here’s how eMarketer breaks down market share: Amazon Echo: 70.6 percent Google Home: 23.8 percent Others (Lenovo, LG, Harmon Kardon, Mattel): 5.6 percent According to eMarketer…

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  • Amazon launches a metrics dashboard for Alexa skill developers

    … Amazon has rolled out a pair of new features for developers who make skills for its Alexa-powered devices, highlighted by the launch of a metrics dashboard that aims to show how consumers are using those voice apps. The metrics dashboard is available in the Alexa developer portal, and there’s a separate dashboard for each skill…

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  • Cortana comes to Android’s lockscreen, Siri does some new tricks

    … as Cortana and is native to Android. But the lockscreen strategy does help differentiate Cortana from the Google Assistant, which currently doesn’t offer much “above the lock” functionality. Separately, Apple released its iOS 10.3 update. It includes a wide range of new features, with a number of Siri-related upgrades: Support for paying and checking…

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  • Amazon adds Alexa to its main iOS app

    … bring Alexa to its Android app. Given that there’s no Alexa smartphone presence, the move is smart and will familiarize more people with Alexa. That could help drive additional sales of Echo devices. Third party skills and “smart home” control will reportedly also be available via Alexa in the Amazon app. It’s therefore effectively a third party…

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