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    • Amazon Alexa surpasses 10,000 skills

      Amazon has announced another Alexa-related milestone: more than 10,000 skills are now available. (A “skill” is Alexa’s equivalent of a mobile app.) The skill that helped Alexa reach 10,000 is a musical game called Beat the Intro, which invites players to guess song titles based just on the opening bars of music before the singing starts.

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    • Amazon adds Alexa to its main iOS app

      Amazon has announced that it’s integrating Alexa into its Amazon iOS shopping app. This adds the Alexa brain to the Amazon app and serves as a replacement for basic speech recognition. Amazon iOS users will be able to shop, play music, ask questions and get news weather and traffic. However, there was no mention of whether or when Amazon would bring Alexa to its Android app.

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  • WebMD’s new Alexa health skill should go to pharmacy school

    … WebMD just launched an Alexa skill that promises to answer health and medical questions. But it seems there’s a lot it doesn’t know. The company’s press release offers a number of sample questions the assistant can potentially answer: “Alexa, ask WebMD to tell me about type 2 diabetes.” “Alexa, ask WebMD to tell me about amoxicillin.” “Alexa…

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  • Bot-to-bot marketing is coming soon. Are you ready?

    … Amazon Echo, housing the Alexa intelligent agent In the past year or so, a new marketing channel has emerged around bots and intelligent agents. This includes voice-based intelligent agents like Google Home’s Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa, and chatbots that interact largely through text conversations. Marketers are beginning to plan…

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  • Amazon launches an Alexa hub to help marketers create voice skills

    … Amazon wants more brands and marketers in its Alexa voice ecosystem. The company has launched an online hub to help them get started with creating “skills” (Amazon’s word for apps) for the Echo device family. The hub currently lists 20 agencies “with expertise in designing, developing and optimizing Alexa skills,” including Razorfish…

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  • Sales, awareness of Amazon Echo skyrocket in Q4, analysts say

    … Amazon has sold about 8.2 million devices from its Echo family since their launch in 2014, and awareness among all Amazon customers continues to grow. That’s according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), who issued their Q4 2016 analysis covering sales and adoption of the popular home speaker. The 8.2 million sales estimate…

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  • Essential voice search strategies for 2017

    … Echo (aka Alexa), Google Home (a direct competitor of the Echo), Siri and Cortana — tools that are solely based on voice recognition. Why the uptick in voice search? First, using your voice to search is getting more accurate. Not too long ago, voice recognition simply wasn’t accurate. In many cases, it was more frustrating than helpful. Now…

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  • Alexa, can you acquire new customers for marketers?

    … The family of Amazon Alexa devices. “Alexa, order ketchup.” “Okay. Would you like me to re-order Heinz –“ “Sure.” “– or would you like to try Hunt’s?” “Huh?” The first part of the above conversation is a reality today. Internet-connected voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa offer a hands-free way to buy things without any need…

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  • Lenovo debuts Amazon Alexa-powered smart speaker at CES

    … smart-home “appliances” that will be controlled by voice or be capable of accessing content from Cortana or Alexa. At $130, Google’s Home speaker presumably sold well over the holidays but the company has not released any sales figures. Apple is rumored to be working on a stand-alone Siri device. Amazon sold “millions” of Echos and less expensive…

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  • Amazon launches Digital Day, a new sales holiday for digital products

    … Over the past two years we’ve seen Amazon excel at creating demand for Prime Day, a Amazon-generated sales holiday. This week Amazon is launching a new sales day on digital media dubbed “Digital Day.” The first Digital Day will be a 24 hour event held tomorrow, Friday December 30th and is marketed like a Black Friday for anything digital…

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  • Amazon’s happy holidays: 9x growth in Echo family device sales

    … Amazon’s Echo Dot, the best-selling item on this holiday season. Amazon had itself a merry little huge Christmas this year, especially when it comes to sales of its own family of Echo devices. Echo Dot, the newer and smaller version of the Echo, was the top-selling item on this holiday season. That was likely spurred…

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  • Amazon Alexa is now the voice agent for marketing analytics platform Datorama

    … The family of Amazon Alexa devices. If you thought intelligent voice agents were only for handlessly searching the Web or calling up your favorite songs, it’s time to recaliber. This week, marketing analytics firm Datorama announced that its Marketing Integration Engine has been integrated with devices powered by Amazon’s Alexa voice agent…

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