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    • Is Voice Search on the Cusp of Transforming Commerce?

      The Amazon Show may be the best purchase I’ve made in the last 12 months. I purchased one for my Mom, who lives remote and often has issues with mobile connectivity. Now, she can just tell the Show to call me and we’re doing a video call within seconds. My Mom loved it so much that she purchased one for her grandchildren so she could also keep in touch with them.

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  • November Month In Numbers

    …2.7 Million The number of UK households actively using an Amazon Echo or a Google Home device at present. Kantar found that 22.2% of UK consumers also use a Virtual Assistant (such as Siri) on their smartphones. The latest Google development in voice search? Personalised local search results, rolling out before 2018. When looking for tradespeople…

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  • Beware of the hype that surrounds voice search advertising

    … and awareness, the report concluded. Is Google at risk of losing its dominant position? Some industry analysts have contemplated whether voice search is a risk to Google’s dominant position in digital media. Amazon’s Echo will be used by 70.6 percent of the 35.6 million Americans who use a voice-activated assistant device at least once a month…

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  • Why Voice Search Is the Future

    … Voice search is taking over my home. And soon, it will take over your business. In the morning, my kids use the Echo as an alarm clock. They talk to Echo to plan their days, to check the weather, and to get the news. I can hear my son talking to Echo in his room and my daughter in hers before they say hello to Mom and Dad. Throughout the day…

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  • Optimizing for voice assistants: Why actions speak louder than words

    … “Hey Siri, remind me to invent you in 30 years” In 1987, Apple came up with the idea of a “Knowledge Navigator”. You can see the full video here, but it’s a concept that’s remarkably – and perhaps, not coincidentally – similar to our modern smart device assistants, Siri among them. Its features included a talking screen, reacting to vocal…

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  • Actions for Google Home: Time for brands to get creative

    … Google’s Home device was launched in November 2016 in the US, and as recently as April 6 2017 in the UK. As a direct rival to Amazon’s Echo in the battle to gain control of the intelligent digital assistant market, Home has made great strides already. Some sources estimate that Google may already have an installed base one-third the size…

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  • On the road to voice payments, Google and Amazon pull ahead of Apple

    … with Google Wallet in 2011, the first attempt at a mobile wallet for consumers that never really took off — and was overshadowed by Apple Pay, which launched months later. But now Google has a leg up in voice, which is probably the next shift in consumer behavior, and as a result, payments. The same is true for Amazon. Google’s Hands Free facial recognition…

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  • 5 Ways Brands Are Using Voice-Controlled Systems for Consumer Marketing

    … purchasing decisions, dictate emails, and get driving directions. Now, with holiday sales of Amazon Echo nine times higher this year than last, there’s set to be another influx of consumers looking for new ways to take advantage of voice-controlled technology in their own homes. For brand marketers, voice-based personal assistants represent a major…

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  • CNN will bring Anderson Cooper to the Amazon Echo

    …. A week before Election Day, that’s going to change, when it unveils a skill for the Amazon Echo that will give listeners near real-time updates sourced directly from CNN’s broadcast and its anchors (Skills are Amazon’s name for capabilities that third parties like CNN develop for Echo). It’s part of a broader push to optimize CNN’s content…

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  • How 3 publishers are staffing for Amazon Echo

    … If the number of platforms that publishers have to distribute content to keeps increasing but the number of hours in a day remain the same, when is it worth being on a platform, and when is it worth sparing your reporters, producers and digital media staff? This problem is worth thinking about in the context of the Amazon Echo. The home…

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  • Voice UI and intelligent assistants: trends to watch out for next

    … Earlier this year, a report from Consumer Intelligence Research partners (CIRP) pegged the sales of Amazon’s Echo at more than 3 million units. Echo of course uses Amazon’s cloud based AI “Alexa” to answer questions, play music/games, control smart devices including home automation systems and of course re-order products off Amazon. More…

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