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  • Irrelevant Keywords Could Crash Your Amazon Conversion Rate

    … characters of keywords in these fields. Nothing could be further from the truth. Others followed the mindset that if you could, you should. They proceeded to fill every single character with words that might even remotely apply to the product they were selling until they reached a total as close to 5,000 as possible. To clarify: No! Amazon…

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  • 5 Common Mistakes That Can Tank Your Amazon Listing Success

    … When it comes to building a product detail page on Amazon, a number of elements all work in conjunction with one another to create success. I can tell you, however, when it comes to the copy and keywords, I’ve seen five mistakes in particular that often cause disastrous results. Mistake #1 – Creating Titles With More Than 200 Characters One…

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  • Amazon Cleans up Confusing Title Policies: Changes Underway

    … If you’ve known me for long, you understand there are a couple of things pertaining to my views about Amazon. One big irritation is their ultra-confusing (and often contradictory) policies on title (product name) character counts. I’m now absolutely elated to announce that changes are under way to help clarify this part of the Amazon product…

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  • Is Amazon Mobile Ruining Your Conversion Rate?

    … Here’s a statistic you might find shocking. Tech Crunch, Internet Retailer, Fortune, Marketing Land and many others have reported that over 60% of Amazon’s holiday shoppers used mobile devices. That’s a lot of people using the Amazon app or website on smartphones or tablets. As a seller, this is huge because customers don’t interact…

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  • Amazon Rolls Out A New Product Page Design

    … Looks like Amazon has been tinkering with its page layout. In a few, select categories, the page design is drastically different. See what’s change and where. Send to Kindle The post Amazon Rolls Out A New Product Page Design appeared first on Marketing Words Blog. …

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  • 5 Tactics for Making More Money from Your Amazon Store

    … Even if you’ve only been paying attention halfway, you’ve probably noticed a huge surge in talk about selling on Amazon or a program called Amazon FBA recently. That’s because Amazon gives individuals and companies a massive, global marketplace to sell to with very low entry fees. There’s little wonder that droves of people are rushing to find…

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