• How to solve the mystery of what your customers really want

      How well do you really know your customers? If your company is like most brands, you already realize that you don’t really know them at all. In fact, a 2015 study from Aberdeen Group found that just 4 percent of organizations are fully satisfied with their ability to ensure data-driven conversations with their customers. That’s a shockingly small number.

      Marketing Landin How To's- 12 readers -
    • Two social media attribution models to use instead of last-touch

      Have you been looking for the best way to measure the effectiveness of each of your social media channels? Do you want to learn how you can pick an effective social media attribution model for your business? In this article, I’ll describe the three different social media attribution models and how each one uniquely measures the success of your social channels.

      Marketing Landin Social- 13 readers -
    • How To View Bing Spend In Google Analytics

      June 15, 2017 Using Google Analytics data to track performance and find optimization opportunities is crucial for successful PPC campaigns. Getting Bing data to import into GA is simple with Bing’s auto-tagging. Bing campaign spend, however, does not automatically import into GA. If you are using cost per conversion or ROAS data to analyze performance in GA, you’ll need to g ...

      PPC Heroin Affiliate Paid Search Google How To's- 14 readers -
  • Google Search Console and structured data

    … Google Search Console is an incredibly important tool for website owners. This tool shows you how your site appears in the Google search results. It also shows you what to improve to make the most of your listings in the results. One of the many cool features of Search Console is the structured data analyses found in the Search Appearance section…

    Yoastin Google- 16 readers -
  • How to set up a successful revenue-generating demand gen system

    … marketing campaigns is by setting up your goals and tracking elements first. I remember working tirelessly (I’m talking no-sleep-till-Brooklyn style) at a startup that was executing all kinds of campaigns. From events to emails to social advertising, nothing seemed like it was generating leads. At least, not qualified leads that sales actually…

    Marketing Land- 16 readers -
  • Google Tag Manager: an introduction

    … that lets you validate code before you publish. What is Google Tag Manager? If you have closer look at the term Google Tag Manager, you can guess what it’s about. It’s a tool developed by Google to manage your tags. But then the next question arises: what’s a tag? A tag is a piece of JavaScript code. There’s a whole bunch of analytics…

    Yoastin Google- 17 readers -
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  • How to Install JavaScript Snippets and Website Codes Into Your Website

    … There are tons of great tools out there to help you improve the website experience you provide, grow your online business, and make better connections with your customers. Crazy Egg..cough.. 🙂 And a lot of these tools are free too! But you’re not a web developer. How the heck do you install these tools in the first place? Ironically…

    Sean Work/ The Daily Eggin How To's- 14 readers -
  • Google Data Studio: What Is It, What’s Working & What’s Missing

    … reports. Right now, Data Studio beta is offered for free to Google account users and Google Cloud Platform customers. Data Studio is like Google Analytics dashboards on steroids. With Google Analytics dashboards, you are limited to 12 widgets per dashboard and can only connect to the data in the particular view the dashboard is in. When using…

    SEER Interactivein Google- 12 readers -
  • Tracking Phone Calls from Organic and Paid Search

    … a few minutes on the platform we know it can accommodate our needs! Tracking Paid Search Phone Calls Tracking paid search phone calls is fairly easy since you can publish whatever phone number you’d like. Add a phone number with HostedNumbers and you’re ready to go… or are you? Within HostedNumbers, they offer robust call analytics to let you know…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blogin Paid Search- 14 readers -
  • Location data predictive of retail store closures

    … As marketers are discovering, mobile location data can be used for many purposes. Among them, according to inMarket, is predicting retail store closures. The company’s SDK (software development kit) is integrated into 700 apps, and it sees more than 50 million active mobile devices in the US. One of the data sets the company captures…

    Greg Sterling/ Marketing Land- 14 readers -
  • Resources to Nail an Analytics Interview & Jumpstart Your Career in the Industry

    … Applying for any analytics role is daunting. Chances are, unless you have directly worked in the industry before (and not just tinkered around with the platform in your non-analytics specific role), you have a lot to learn. All you really need, however, is the drive and resources to master these skills — that’s what my own experiences taught me…

    SEER Interactive- 13 readers -
  • 7 Social Media Analytics and Reporting Tips for Becoming a Data-Savvy Marketer

    … media performance. With this framework, you can easily identify successful posts and understand why they did well. The key is social media analytics and reporting! In this post, you’ll learn how to analyze, evaluate, and use your social media data to boost and report your social media marketing results — from exporting your data to creating…

    Buffer Blogin Social- 15 readers -
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