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    • How to Find Quick Win Opportunities in Google Analytics

      This is another excerpt from an upcoming e-book on finding actionable, cross-channel opportunities in your data. We use Google Analytics (GA) for this, but you can use any platform. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: The tool you use isn’t as important as the discipline of combing through data regularly and finding something you can move on.

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  • How to Assess Your Digital Marketing Mix Quickly

    … advantage. We’ll be providing some more concrete examples on how to locate these data points in other platforms in future blog posts. Exploring Your Marketing Mix On to the data! When we’re working with a new client, I like to start in the Channels report in GA, which looks like this: If your Default Channel Group balance looks vastly different than…

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  • 7 Incredibly Common Mistakes in Google Tag Manager

    … the client’s Google Analytics tag instead of adding tracking for form fills. Which, in turn, made it so that the site didn’t have any tracking for a week, since I could not figure out what I did wrong in GTM. Looking back, I wish I had a guide to point out the most common mistakes beginners make when using Tag Manager and how to fix them. With a few…

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  • What’s a Good Conversion Rate?

    … I’ll to catch hell for this post. Truly. Send strongly-worded tweets to @realdonaldtrump. He’ll send ’em along, I’m sure. What’s a good conversion rate? I get this question a lot, and not just about conversion rates. I always say “better than what you have now.” That earns me a glare that could sterilize cockroaches. At the same time, I shove…

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  • The Three Levels of Analytics Conversions You Need

    … how we structure conversion tracking for Portent clients, customized to the specific business and goals, of course. Primary Conversions Once you’ve split out your conversions and made sure that each key action is being tracked correctly, you’ll define your primary or “macro” conversions. Your primary conversions should be the measurable action…

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  • Breaking the Sales Plateau with Google Analytics

    … Data is great……sometimes. Data can also be maddening and make you want to go all Office Space on the nearest printer. These days businesses have an abundance of data at their fingertips. That makes knowing how to sift through information an essential part of every marketer’s existence. Personally, Google Analytics (GA) has been making my…

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  • What are UTM Codes? …and Why You Should Use Them

    … custom URL that you can literally copy and paste. Example If Portent was promoting a blog post via Facebook Ads, we could fill out the basic required fields as follows: Website URL: Campaign Source: facebook Campaign Medium: cpc Campaign Name: 5 Inexpensive…

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  • Leading Edge Analytics – Data Driven Marketing

    …. There’s no secret to why we’ve done this so well for 20 years: It’s just a combination of marketing savvy in all channels and using all the great data available. The post Leading Edge Analytics – Data Driven Marketing appeared first on Portent. …

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