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    • Demystifying AI: Understanding the human-machine relationship

      The artificial intelligence of today has almost nothing in common with the AI of science fiction. In “Star Wars,” “Star Trek” and “Battlestar Galactica,” we’re introduced to robots who behave like we do — they are aware of their surroundings, understand the context of their surroundings and can move around and interact with people just as I can with you.

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  • Google Tag Manager now supports AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

    … been possible, it can be confusing and cumbersome for folks who are new to AMP or who have tagging needs beyond tracking a basic page view. That’s why, in addition to Google Analytics, AMP containers in Tag Manager provide support across Google’s ad platforms including AdWords and DoubleClick. You will find more than 20 tag types available out…

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  • Google Analytics launches Workspaces for enterprise-level tag management

    … Google Analytics Solutions (a new name; see below) continues its push towards the enterprise with today’s launch of Workspaces, a new collaborative feature that’s available in both Google Tag Manager and Tag Manager 360. The goal, according to Google’s announcement, is to solve workflow challenges that agencies and multi-user teams often faced…

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  • Data and tag management: the DNA of marketing personalization

    … a website to customize and price a high-performance sports car. Tag management makes data a kind of DNA of marketing personalization. Think of it this way: Of the massive volumes of undifferentiated data, tagging collects and organizes information from sources as diverse as websites, media buys, mobile apps, social media, customer analytics…

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  • Convergence and the power of data in modern marketing

    … a technology that leverages “tags” — snippets of data-collecting code. Tags drive most third-party digital marketing services, from analytics to display advertising. Now, when we translate the collection of martech logos on Brinker’s supergraphic, we can see a shift in tag management from being tactical to strategic. In short, the tag is where…

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  • Tag management systems and DMPs — a match made in heaven?

    … If you’ve been in marketing long enough, you’re probably familiar with John Wanamaker’s famous quote: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Many marketers would say that statement holds just as true today as it did in 1874. But the digital ecosystem offers up challenges Wanamaker, considered…

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  • Are our leading brands also optimization leaders?

    …-Sonoma According to their 2014 stockholder letter, 50 percent of Williams-Sonoma revenue is generated through their e-commerce site. This is a $4.7 billion company. So they should have some scratch for tools. They do have a rather complete optimization environment, including A/B testing, analytics, performance optimization and tag management…

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  • 5 Predictions For 2016 After Reaching “Peak Martech”

    …. One way to do this will be to cut down on redundant or overlapping technologies, a trend that Ensighten, an enterprise tag management vendor and my employer, is already seeing among its customer base. For example, Coca-Cola (an Ensighten customer) has replaced its traditional siloed enterprise web analytics solution in favor of a more holistic…

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  • The Problem With Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking

    … quickly identify any pages missing your analytics code by using a custom filter and searching for pages not containing your tracking ID. Location, Location, Location! According to Google Analytics, its script should be placed after the opening tag. Many things can go wrong with the script, depending on its location. One of the worst cases would occur…

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  • Big Data Gets Bigger With The Apple Watch And The Internet Of Things

    … to be managed. Forrester reported that the greatest opportunity for digital marketers to address the omni-channel customer journey is with the unified, multichannel data layer capabilities of an enterprise tag management system. The Apple Watch only adds to this opportunity. • Optimizing the User Experience — With the small-screen, Apple Watch apps…

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  • An In-Depth Look At Second-Party Data For Digital Marketers

    … of investment but providing equivalent capabilities. A Data Management Platform (DMP) is the preferred method. It is the most expensive method of the three I will discuss, but it also has the most capabilities. Publisher data can be collected either on page or from the ad platforms (like AdWords) and linked to every other data point available…

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  • Are You Committing The 7 Sins Of Martech?

    … of ripping out that code in favor of new vendors. Using tag management, marketers can add, edit or remove almost any solution via an intuitive web interface, without resulting to software coding. (Disclosure: my employer offers tag management technology.) This new freedom makes it easy to swap out and even test different vendors against each…

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