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    • App Security Improvements: Looking back at 2016

      In April 2016, the Android Security team described how the Google Play App Security Improvement (ASI) program has helped developers fix security issues in 100,000 applications. Since then, we have detected and notified developers of 11 new security issues and provided developers with resources and guidance to update their apps.

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    • Silence speaks louder than words when finding malware

      In Android Security, we're constantly working to better understand how to make Android devices operate more smoothly and securely. One security solution included on all devices with Google Play is Verify apps. Verify apps checks if there are Potentially Harmful Apps (PHAs) on your device. If a PHA is found, Verify apps warns the user and enables them to uninstall the app.

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  • VMware puts its focus on Android enterprise

    … latest capabilities. For example, enterprise mobility management (EMM) partner VMware recently announced it’s shifting the default deployment model in the next major release of the VMware AirWatch console to Android enterprise. Customers that use AirWatch to manage their organization’s Android devices will benefit from our modern APIs that support…

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  • Safely and quickly distribute private enterprise apps with Google Play

    … high availability, global reach and scale, optimized app delivery, the security of Google Play Protect, and the reassurance that your app remains private to your company. You can curate private apps alongside public apps on Google Play through your Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) console. These enterprise apps are then available to your…

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  • How Android helped Dalmia Bharat go digital and grow their business

    … Editor's note: Today’s post comes from Sunil Tewari, Head of Technology and Business Services for Dalmia Bharat Group, one of India’s largest cement manufacturers. Read how Dalmia Bharat Group uses Android to increase sales, optimize cement delivery, and better connect their workforce. Dalmia Cement is a leader in the Indian cement industry…

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  • Android Oreo: a smart, tough and productive cookie for enterprises

    … Android 8.0 Oreo is now available, bringing a sweet combination of improved productivity and enhanced security to enterprise customers. The new release builds on the consistent investments we’ve made to make Android stronger, easier to manage, and more productive for the enterprise. Personal space on your work device Android’s unique work…

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  • Android zero-touch enrollment: seamless and secure enterprise deployment

    … Companies around the world deploy Android to mobilize employees and transform their businesses. No matter the use case, we know that a successful deployment is about more than just selecting the right devices; it's about getting them configured and rolled out into the hands of users as quickly and easily as possible. Today we’re launching…

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  • How the World Bank is mobilizing their workforce with Android

    … Since formally launching enterprise support in Android two years ago, we’ve seen an explosion in the way companies are using mobile devices to evolve their businesses. The World Bank Group, which provides financial and technical assistance to developing countries, was one of the first to mobilize their workforce with Android’s built…

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