Anne Holland

  • Can One Trick Pony Content Deliver On-going Results For You?

    No, your teachers probably weren't trying to pull the wool over your eyes. In some cases, science has advanced. For example, Pluto is no longer a planet. In other cases, your teachers were probably just misinformed. For example, being taught that *insert-name-of-your-country's-historical-heroes-here* were the good guys in the story. But it's okay; we're here to bring you up to date.

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  • 13 Hot Marketing Tips To Set Off Fireworks

    … different aspects of your marketing. Don’t assume that your marketing is the best it can be. Keep improving it. Read Anne Holland’s Which Test Won for ideas to A/B test your marketing. Track your marketing results. Don’t do your marketing blindly. Determine your goals and metrics before you start. Assess customer lifetime value (CLV). Weigh…

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