• The Value of YouTube's New End Screens Feature for Brands and Publishers

    … requesting them to do something. How to Best Use YouTube End Screens Some best practices for End Screens were already mentioned above, but here are a few more to help brands and publishers implement this new feature on their channels: #1 Create videos with the goal of including End Screens. The YouTube help page for End Screens notes videos should…

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  • 7 Expert Tips: How to Get YouTube to Recommend Your Video

    … at Novel Concept, suggests that the algorithm (in this case the search results algorithm) may give weight to videos with lots of likes, dislikes, and comments. He does admit that “videos that are generally good enough to receive a high watch time and viewer retention, are also naturally videos that engage people.” So take the data he presents…

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  • 5 Ways to Hack the YouTube Description Box for Better Rankings

    …, the copy (or text) found inside your YouTube description box is indexed by search engines and is used by the search engines to rank your video accordingly. While it’s possible to rank on YouTube without a big description box, you would also be missing out on valuable watch time as many YouTubers scroll through a description box while the video…

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  • Watch Time: A Guide to YouTube's Most Important Ranking Factor

    … want to trim intros and outros from your playlists. Also, be sure to feature your playlists wherever you feature your video content - On your YouTube channel page, embedded players, etc... Lastly, when you link to other videos via annotations (which is strongly encouraged), link to the playlist page with the video instead of the single video watch…

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  • 5 Quick Wins For Promoting Your Brand on YouTube

    … following for your YouTube channel! #4 Use Your Video Description to Guide the Viewer Speaking of social media, you can place the links to your fan pages and profiles in each of your video descriptions. Branding your video description with links to your blog, social media, or other promotional pages is a great way to draw additional interest from…

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  • Three Ways to Optimize Your Videos for Mobile

    …? Our brand's on YouTube and that works on smartphones! "Well, although YouTube is critical for anyone using video marketing, it's only one part As it stands, YouTube mobile doesn't help to advance your strategic goal of getting people back to your website where they can convert. Most annotations don't work on YouTube mobile (which are commonly used…

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