• SiriusDecisions Summit 2017: The ROI of Content Marketing

      One of the most frequent questions we get from prospects and clients is: “How can I measure the impact of my content marketing?” SiriusDecisions reports that 83 percent of B2B companies plan to increase their content budgets this year, yet zero percent believe they’re effectively measuring ROI. So how can brands determine a return on their investment? I’m so excited to be addr ...

      The Content Strategistin Content- 24 readers -
    • Yoast SEO 4.8: Cornerstone content analysis

      In this release, we’re fine tuning our algorithms to give cornerstone content articles the analysis they deserve. Articles you’ve marked as cornerstone content will now be judged on a different level, so we can make sure they have the quality and authority an article like that should have. Yoast SEO 4.8 helps you write better cornerstone content articles.

      Joost De Valk/ Yoastin SEO Content- 18 readers -
    • Video: Last Week in Local May 1st, 2017

      Join Local U for the latest public episode of Last Week in Local, a weekly conversation about the articles that attracted our attention during the past week ending Mat 1st, 2017. This week we have articles from Joy Hawkins, Joel Headley and Mike Blumenthal. This year we will be publishing our Last Week in Local video directly to the Local U blog.

      Mike Blumenthal/ Local University- 18 readers -
  • Should You Add City to Your Business Name at Google My Business?

    Should you add city to your business name at Google? This question recently came in at the Local U forum (paywall): A (small) multi-location retailer who just starting using Yext was told by a Yext rep to append to their business name their city so to distinguish between their various locations. [Business Name] + [City] [Business Name] + [City] [Business Name] + [City] … Note ...

    Mike Blumenthal/ Local University- 16 readers -
  • Come See Us in New York! ASE17

    … The Team will be in New York July 30th to August 1st Click Here to Schedule a Meeting or Come See Us at the Meet Market Meet Martet, July 30, 2017 – 12pm to 6pm – Table 905 New York Marriott Marguis Filed under: Announcements by Patrick Avery No Comments » … 11 readers -
  • Interview with Karl Gilis (AGConsult)

    … We’re thrilled to announce that CRO expert Karl Gilis will be speaking at YoastCon on November 2! Karl Gilis from AGConsult is one of the most influential usability and conversion optimization specialists in the world, and our personal go-to-guy if we need advice on these matters for We’ve asked him 5 questions, or actually 6, to warm…

    Yoast- 10 readers -
  • Yoast SEO 4.7: Introducing Italian

    Yoast SEO now supports transition words for the Italian language so the content analysis feature can give you more detailed information about the readability of your post. This is the first step in providing full support for Italian. The Insights and Internal Linking Suggestion features will soon follow. We’ve also added a new check to see if your post has at least one internal link.

    Joost De Valk/ Yoast- 12 readers -
  • Yoast SEO 4.6: the cornerstone content update

    … Cornerstone content forms the foundation of your site. If you write a couple of authoritative articles about your chosen subject and keyword, you can link all your other posts to these articles. In doing so, you greatly enhance the change of these articles ranking in the search engines. Build your site as the ancient Egyptians built pyramids…

    Joost De Valk/ Yoastin SEO Content- 14 readers -
  • Sneak Peek – The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO

    … We decided to give our readers a sneak peak of what kind of information is in the Expert's Guide to Local SEO which just went on sale last week. This particular section only covers 2 out of the 140+ pages in the manual currently. Current LocalU Forum Members can receive 20% off, just visit the forums with your logins for details in the sidebar…

    Local Universityin SEO- 19 readers -
  • Video: Last Week in Local April 3rd, 2017

    … Last Week in Local 4/3/2017 Join Local U for the next public episode of Last Week in Local, a weekly conversation about the articles that attracted our attention during the past week ending April 3rd, 2017. This year we will be publishing our Last Week in Local video directly to the Local U blog. It will be published every Monday…

    Mike Blumenthal/ Local University- 13 readers -
  • New LocalU Podcasts Available Now!

    … Providing written information to our readers was the first step in creating a Local Search community that disseminated information quickly and accurately. Within the last 6-months Mary Bowling and Mike Blumenthal started recording videos to share Last Week in Local information, as well as Diving Deep into specific Local Search topics in the Deep…

    Mary Bowling/ Local University- 15 readers -
  • Podcast Post

    … Podcast Post About Carrie Hill Carrie Hill is the co-founder of Her background in online marketing started 8 years ago in a small agency focused on the hospitality industry. Since then Carrie has become an expert on technical SEO and website structure issues, as well as an industry speaker on the Semantic web and how small…

    Carrie Hill/ Local University- 9 readers -
  • Why Is My Verified Business Not Showing on a Keyword Search?

    … Most mornings upon waking, I head into the Google My Business Forums and answer a few questions. I get that I am doing free work for Google but I have always found that there is some personal satisfaction helping other small businesses deal with the realities of Google Local search. This conversation was particularly engaging for me because…

    Mike Blumenthal/ Local University- 11 readers -
  • Yoast SEO 4.5: update your PHP version

    … This is a rather special release, as it’s a project that’s close to my heart. It’s not a full-featured release, however, it is just necessary as a regular release. In Yoast SEO 4.5, we are urging site owners whose sites run on servers with an outdated version of PHP to update to a more recent version. To move the web forward, we need to take…

    Joost De Valk/ Yoastin SEO- 20 readers -
  • Announcing YoastCon 2017 – November 2, 2017

    … On November 2, 2017, we’re organizing the second edition of the coolest SEO conference of The Netherlands: YoastCon. Starting today, you can get your hands on an extremely limited amount of early bird tickets for just €249. YoastCon is a hands-on SEO conference where you’ll learn invaluable tactics to enhance your site to get better rankings…

    Joost De Valk/ Yoast- 16 readers -
  • Yoast SEO 4.4

    … Today marks the release of the next version of our flagship WordPress plugin: Yoast SEO 4.4. In Yoast SEO 4.4 you’ll find many small changes and a couple of new features that make it even easier to work with the plugin. In this release post, we’ll give a brief overview of the changes that we’ve made, starting with Yoast SEO Premium. New features…

    Joost De Valk/ Yoastin SEO- 17 readers -
  • New online course: Technical SEO 1

    … Today we’re launching our first technical SEO training. This training will help EVERYONE to understand those difficult technical SEO issues. We’ll teach you exactly how to analyze (and solve) the most common technical SEO issues. Technical SEO can be quite daunting, but with this training, you’ll be able to fully grasp al those complicated…

    Marieke Van De Rakt/ Yoastin SEO- 11 readers -
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