The antihero or antiheroine is a leading character in a film, book or play who lacks the traditional heroic qualities such as idealism, courage, nobility, fortitude, moral goodness, and altruism.[citation needed]Whereas the classical hero is larger than life, antiheroes are typically inferior to the reader in intelligence, dynamism or social purpose, giving rise to what Robbe-Grillet called “these heroes without naturalness as without identity”. The term is also used more broadly to cover Byronic heroes as well.
Posts about Anti-Hero
  • Holiday reads: The books on top execs’ nightstands

    …: An anti-hero protagonist finds him or herself trying to solve a mystery that’s closely tied to personal tragedy and has very mystical, alternate dimension-type experiences along the way. My mind never wanders once when I read Murakami (this is unusual, believe me) and I could sit and read him 24 hours straight. In fact, I probably will. As well…

    Chris Smith/ Digiday- 19 readers -
  • Managing Reputation When Everything Leaks

    … fans many Americans do not view him favorably. Perhaps that impact is being felt, as his most recent cover story on Wired! showed a more conciliatory “anti-hero.” More than anything, I expect gaffes to become increasingly common. That in turn desensitizes their impact on people and companies alike, particularly if companies handle them in a timely, ethical manner. What do you think about our everything leaks digital reality? Image: Frederik Linge, Darla, Ken Lund, Mike Mozart (Creative Commons) …

    Geoff Livingston/ Vocus Blogin Social Facebook- 17 readers -
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