Anxiety Attack

Panic attacks are periods of intense fear or apprehension that are of sudden onset and of variable duration from minutes to hours. Panic attacks usually begin abruptly, may reach a peak within 10 to 20 minutes, but may continue for hours in some cases. Panic attacks usually subside on their own over the next several hours.[citation needed] Often, those afflicted will experience significant anticipatory anxiety and limited symptom attacks in between attacks, in situations where attacks have previously occurred.[citation needed]The effects of a panic attack vary. Some, notably first-time sufferers, may call for emergency services.
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  • You’re Guaranteed To FAIL If You Do This…

    …, and I wanted an office job. I pretty much bluffed my way through the interview, and sure - I had a hit of anxiety about even being able to DO the job, lol. There were 21 manuals to the system, which I snuck home one at a time and studied (they might as well have been written in Greek! lol). I did learn the job though, simply by applying myself…

    Lynn Terry/ ClickNewz!- 14 readers -
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