Api Integrations

  • “Please Email Me”

    … while exciting new recipients about signing up for the list. What’s in an Email? We’ve discussed before about how emails need to go beyond traditional sales. But what about how you can create emails that are more relevant and interactive? With API integrations in email, you can build campaigns that are customized for your business at the individual…

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  • [WEBINAR] How to Build Next-Gen Emails with API Integrations

    At Movable Ink, we’ve been talking a lot about how API integrations can help bring your email marketing to the next level. Whether you’re trying to make it easier for customers to upgrade their seats, make a reservation, or you just want to show the latest product deals in real-time, API integrations can create new and exciting experiences in the inbox.

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  • How Lenscrafters Raised Click-Throughs by 60%

    … technology to power custom-built API integrations in an email campaign. Here’s how it worked: Local Results, Global Reach When Lenscrafters sends out available times for eye exams, it’s usually up to the customer to find the location that’s most convenient to them. However, by geo-targeting the store locations and showing real-time exam…

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  • [eBook] 7 Ways to Use API Integrations in Your Email Campaigns

    … The idea of “dynamic content” in email has come a long way. From flash sales and countdown timers, emails have started to include API integrations that are customized to an individual business level. Airlines are using seating charts within an email to upsell customers in one click. Ticket venues are allowing customers to reserve seats from…

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