• Apps Are Dead: It’s All About Channels in 2017

    … Talk about application retention and usage seems to be the new black as we race into 2017. For all of us who strategize around installs and retention, there is some good news. A report from IDC tells us that we can expect the number of app installs to increase from 156 billion in 2015 to 210 billion in 2020, which is a year-on-year growth…

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  • 5 Tips to Improve Apps’ Retention, Engagement and Conversion (Infographic)

    … Appboy provides tips for retaining, engaging, and converting app users. The average cost per app install is a reasonable amount on both Android and iOS, coming in at $2.22 and $1.46, respectively. However, turnover is still high, with 70 percent of users ditching apps just one day after install. The cost associated with acquiring active, engaged…

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  • Report: Emoji Usage in Marketing Messages on the Rise

    …. The report showed mobile developers are using emoji more often in their push messages, with usage growing faster on Android than on iOS. Specifically, emoji usage in Android push messages grew 1070 percent year-over-year, while emoji usage in iOS push messages increased 662 percent in the same time period. Outside of push messages, emoji usage…

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