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  • Lenovo debuts Amazon Alexa-powered smart speaker at CES

    … Like Microsoft is doing with Cortana, Amazon is making Alexa available to third party developers and hardware makers to voice-enable their connected products. Amazon is also making Alexa’s several thousand “skills” (voice apps) equally available to developers. With the announcement of Cortana’s developer strategy a few weeks ago, we saw…

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  • Will a Viv-enabled Galaxy S8 help Samsung rehabilitate its brand?

    … virtual assistant into the forthcoming Galaxy S8. The virtual assistant will be based on Viv, which was acquired by Samsung last month. It was a “me too” maneuver but one with significant implications for Samsung’s broader product lines (e.g., TVs, stoves, etc.). Viv was co-created by Dag Kittlaus, who ran Siri before Apple bought it. Samsung…

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  • Google Home’s arrival ushers in the era of the virtual assistant

    … one of them — or a Siri or Cortana-based voice assistant if they appear. Of course, Google has the advantage of its search index (over Amazon and Apple) and its lock on mobile search usage gives it another “network” advantage. Voice search took a lot longer than I expected to become mainstream and take off, but it is now taking off. I have good…

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  • Say hello to the newest intelligent agent, Ozlo

    … Comparative searches on Ozlo and Google Assistant. The society of intelligent agents now has a new member. His name is Ozlo, from the Palo Alto, California-based company of the same name. According to co-founder and CEO Charles Jolley, he’s the only independent intelligent agent left, now that Samsung has scooped up Viv. But the key…

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  • Buying Viv, Samsung makes its “me too” virtual assistant play

    … more and more prominently, not only in the mobile (search) experience but as a UI/UX across platforms and devices and especially in the smart home. (Viv can also be deployed behind chat/messaging.) Siri was sold before it was able to fully realize the founding vision, which was to disintermediate Google and layer an intelligent assistant on top…

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  • Search for Key Siri commands available on iOS devices

    … There is a new site aimed at documenting the “Hey Siri” commands available for use on iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads. This is similar to what we reported a month ago about the site that lets you search for Okay Google commands. The site is available at and lists 489 commands, 1204 variations, 35 categories and 2 languages…

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