• The Super Bowl Is Boring

    … not just social media that is distracting Super Bowl viewers. Data taken from in-game activity has shown increased activity on sports applications such as NFL Mobile and NBC Sports, and an increase in website visits to Super Bowl advertisers. In short, even during the Super Bowl, viewers are distracted AF and rely heavily on their phones to communicate…

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  • When to Ban Social Media Trolls and Prevent Harassment

    … with profanity, offensive slurs or personal harassment, block the account and report the user to Twitter using the platform’s reporting tools. Blocking will also remove the user’s ability to respond under your tweets and engage negatively with customers with whom you’re having legitimate product/service-related conversations. Some brands, like…

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  • Facebook Revamps Privacy Basics

    … are sharing their own privacy information on Facebook, along with organizations around the world like the National Cyber Security Alliance, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Center for Democracy and Technology, who are working to raise awareness of how to take charge of your information online. In addition to visiting Privacy Basics, we…

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  • Unlock Facebook With a Physical Security Key?

    … or Opera. At this time, we don’t support security key logins for our mobile Facebook application, but if you have an NFC-capable Android device with the latest version of Chrome and Google Authenticator installed, you can use an NFC-capable key to log in from our mobile website. Hill also outlined the benefits of using security keys for two-factor…

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  • Live Broadcasting Took Over China, But Will It Survive in the U.S.?

    … are the gamification, interaction and monetization features championed by the Chinese market. If more incentives to drive engagement are added to live broadcasting functionality in the U.S. and major social players continue to normalize, the U.S. market is primed to catch on to the craze. Khudor Annous is head of marketing and partnerships at, the live broadcasting platform from app developer Cheetah Mobile. Image courtesy of Shutterstock. …

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  • How Organic Advertising Made Disney World a Holiday Destination

    Walt Disney World has always been a popular destination for kids, families and even adults who still feel a special connection with the “magic” that the destination seems to provide its guests. More recently, it’s become a holiday-season attraction, and you can chalk it all up to organic advertising. Organic advertising with a touch of magic The Disney brand is sort of an anomaly.

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  • Twitter Converts Vine Website Into Archive

    … By David Cohen on Jan. 23, 2017 - 11:55 AM Vine may be gone, but Vines live on. Twitter announced last October that it would discontinue looping-video application Vine, adding in December that Vine would be replaced by a pared-down app called Vine Camera. That transition occurred Jan. 17. However, Twitter quietly turned…

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  • Snapchat Snaps Up Ex-Timehop CEO Jonathan Wegener

    … By David Cohen on Jan. 18, 2017 - 4:55 PM Jonathan Wegener, who left the CEO post at social photo application Timehop last week, hopped over to a product position at Snapchat. Snap Inc. and Wegener confirmed the move to Peter Kafka of Recode. Wegener addressed his departure from Timehop in a Facebook post (embedded below) Wednesday, but he…

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  • Twitter Phasing Out Buy Button?

    … Twitter appears to be waving bye-bye to its buy button. E-commerce platform Shopify was one of several sites to launch the feature in October 2015, and Ingrid Lunden of TechCrunch reported that merchants using Shopify are being notified that Twitter is “pivoting away” from its e-commerce focus. TechCrunch reader Brody Berson shared…

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