• How video header bidding is opening doors for Ranker

      By Eric Hoffert, svp, video technology, AppNexus Video has emerged as the undeniable future of programmatic advertising. As opportunities to engage consumers through video grow richer and more complex, formats for monetization have advanced alongside them. Ranker, an online publisher and Quantcast Top 30 site, focuses on crowdsourced, ranked content across display and video.

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  • An inflection point for the real-time display advertising market

    By Gabriel Weintraub (associate professor at Stanford GSB and chief economist at AppNexus) The information technology revolution has created a tremendous amount of change in how markets function today. Online marketplaces are complex platforms that can be “designed” and “engineered” through the different levers that a platform controls.

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  • Cutting the cord: the future of connected TV

    … By Eric Hoffert, SVP video technology, AppNexus As millions of users are cutting their cords and shifting to viewing television without a cable or satellite TV subscription, questions are now emerging about the fundamental nature of TV content, including how to monetize it — and how consumers view it. Will Netflix-style subscription-based…

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  • Shouting into the void: when views aren’t guaranteed

    … by Marcus Startzel, SVP, Commercial, AppNexus It’s the age-old question heard in Philosophy 101 classes — If a tree falls in the woods, but nobody’s there to hear it, does it make a sound? This might seem like a harmless question for students to ponder, but when this philosophy is applied to marketing budgets, the implications can become…

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  • Is trading technology poised for a header bidding-style disruption?

    … by Alex Chatfield, VP Sales & Account Management, AppNexus Over the past two years, AppNexus has written in these digital pages about the ways in which header bidding has transformed the publisher business model. We’ve discussed how this emerging technology enables publishers to work around Google’s closed and opaque auction system to earn…

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  • Programmatic’s next challenge: The need for more transparency

    … by Alex Chatfield, VP sales & account management, AppNexus At first glance, the future of programmatic advertising looks bright. Advertisers this year are set to spend a whopping $33 billion on the channel – nearly 80 percent of all display spending. But most of that money goes to private marketplaces and programmatic direct deals…

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  • The living room big screen: How marketers reach audiences with connected TV

    … byEric Hoffert, SVP video technology, AppNexus By the end of this year, 58% of the US population will own a connected TV (CTV) device, according to eMarketer. This market adoption represents a significant opportunity for marketers: they can target digital audiences at scale with customized messaging on the big screen in the living room…

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  • Glossary: Get to know the new language of over-the-top television

    … Unfailingly, emerging technologies come with a new lexicon for the technology community to absorb. The internet brought us words we now take for granted – “World Wide Web,” “browser,” “search engine,” and “Google”. The smartphone introduced us to the “app,” the “app store,” and the world of “mobile gaming.” And programmatic advertising has…

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  • Demand, the duopoly and the case for the open internet

    … by Michael Richardson, senior director, product line management, AppNexus In June of this year, the Association for Computing Machinery will present its 2016 Turing Award – the so-called “Nobel Prize of the computing industry” – to a particularly notable recipient. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the man credited with inventing the world wide web…

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  • Bridge the trust gap: Why ad exchanges need to be more like Amazon and AirBnB

    … Here’s some news that might surprise you: Americans have a high level of trust in most of the advertising they encounter. A survey by Marketing Sherpa found that 80 percent or more of U.S. internet users place faith in print and television ads that promote the various products and services they’re looking to purchase. But there is a glaring…

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  • Principle and technology together: How adtech protects publisher content

    … “If music didn’t pay, it would be given up.” Those were the words of Supreme Court Justice, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., in his 1917 opinion in favor of the American songwriter, Victor Herbert, who had taken a New York restaurant to court because it had played one of his songs on a player piano – and hadn’t paid Herbert usage fees. It was a small…

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  • How Spotify, Amazon, and Zappos built successful digital marketplaces

    … by Patrick McCarthy, SVP, marketplace partnerships, AppNexus Global marketplaces are hardly a new phenomenon. By circumventing the Silk Road, the long overland trade road that once connected China to the West, European seafarers like Bartolomeu Dias and Vasco da Gama paved a more direct trade route to Asia and its goods. By connecting European…

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  • What is a Demand-Side Platform (DSP)?

    … While there are quite a few ad networks where advertisers can buy campaigns and manage their campaigns, demand-side platforms (DSPs) – sometimes referred to as buy-side platforms – are much more sophisticated and provide a much wider array of tools to target, place real-time bids, track, retarget, and further optimize their ad placements. Demand…

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  • How Bauer Xcel’s programmatic-first strategy turns data into revenue

    … Patrick McCarthy, SVP, Product, AppNexus With the advent of programmatic technology, the experience of “going online” has changed considerably. That change is most evident in consumers’ expectations for the quality of content and advertising. Today’s publishers not only have to target the right audiences, but offer them an experience…

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