• 5 Favorite Tech Tools to Help You Plan the Best Vacation Ever

      The Wonder of Tech is pleased to welcome Kayla Matthews as a guest author. She writes about her favorite tech tools for travel. Part of going on vacation means disconnecting from the stresses in your life and not bogging down your days with things like catching up on email or texting co-workers. That doesn’t mean you need to disconnect from all technology, however.

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    • A Day Without My Apple Watch — How I Pushed Through

      The question I get asked most about my Apple Watch is, “What do you use it for?” A day without my Apple Watch showed me clearly the features I missed most when I was without it. The other day something happened to me that hadn’t happened since April 2015 — I was without my Apple Watch. I got my Apple Watch the first day it was released and have worn it pretty much non-stop sin ...

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  • The 100 Most Useful Websites For (Almost) Anyone And Everyone

    … a few minutes. Airbnb — Rent unique accommodations from local hosts in 191+ countries. Alexa — See the top 500 websites on the web. Allrecipes — Find and share everyday cooking inspiration on Allrecipes. AlternativeTo — AlternativeTo lets you find apps and software by recommending alternatives to apps you already know. Awesome Screenshot…

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  • 11 Reasons Why I Love Google Photos — And You Should Too

    … I hated Google+ when it was launched as a social network as it was forcing us to sign up for a Google+ account to use other Google services (like YouTube, Gmail, Picasa Web, etc.). But then I learned to love Google+ because of Google+ Photos. Google+ Photos was a revamped version of Picasa Web Albums. I was able to explore all my Picasa Web…

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  • 11 Reasons Why I Love Feedly — And You Should Too

    … are unofficial apps (by third-party developers) for other platforms. If you are a mobile person then you will love Feedly mobile and if you are a desktop person (like me) then you will love Feedly Web (as it’s more intuitive than you think). 3. Personalization Feedly was not so customizable when I first started using it. But it was still better than…

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  • 12 Reasons Why Google Photos Is My Favorite Photo Service

    … photo apps are created equally. Many apps say they will automatically back up your photos. But when you check the app, you may see that your photos have not been backed up since the last time you opened the app. Google Photos backs up photos and video automatically, soon after you take them. So long as you’re connected to the Internet, Google…

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  • 25 New Tech Tools I Use in My Daily Life

    … Top Tips for Using Google Maps to Make the Most of Any Trip If we’re deciding where to eat at the last minute, I check with the apps NoWait and Yelp to see whether there is a wait at a restaurant. Even if Google Maps says that a time is traditionally busy, I still may have a chance of getting a table against the odds if, for some reason…

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  • 7 Helpful Home Improvement and Design Apps

    …. You can then share your palette with others. The Color911 app is available for iPhone and iPad for $3.99. In-app purchases are available with additional color themes. Apps for Help Doing the Work iHandy Level App Have a level handy wherever you go with the iHandy Level app. This free app measures levels vertically, horizontally and with the phone…

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  • 11 Reasons Why I Love Feedly — And You Should Too

    …” feature useful then you can simply install the official Save to Feedly Board Chrome extension and it will enable you to add the URL that you are currently browsing to a Feedly board of your choice. Don’t Miss: The Fantastic Ten Productivity Tools (Free) To Get Things Done BONUS: Feedly Pro Feedly Pro costs $65/year and it does offer some powerful…

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  • The Apple News You Need to Know from WWDC 2017

    …, marking the message as urgent to get through to you in case of emergency. Apple is giving developers new tools to create augmented and virtual reality apps. A demonstration was shown about how to create a Star Wars game using sophisticated VR graphics. OMG. Star Wars demo creation in VR! #WWDC #Apple — VRScout…

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