• Apps to Block Annoying Robocalls

      If you think robocalls (automated telemarketing phone calls) are getting more annoying, you’re not alone. According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), complaints about illegal telemarketing calls have risen dramatically lately. The good news is that apps can help you block robocalls so you can avoid the annoyance of having to answer calls that are nothing more than an ...

      Carolyn Nicander Mohr/ The Wonder of Tech- 7 readers -
    • eero – A Device to Rid Your Home of Wi-Fi Dead Spots

      If you live in a home with dreaded Wi-Fi dead spots, you know the frustration of slow or unusable Wi-Fi connections. Maybe that dead spot is in your family room, making you unable to stream videos. Or perhaps the dead spot is in your kid’s bedroom, making it more difficult for them to finish their homework. Or maybe that dead spot is in the backyard, where you wanted to escape to stream music.

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  • Tantalizing Tech from the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show

    … Last week the tech world showed off its future at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. This convention has brought the world innovative tech for over 50 years and this year we saw amazing new gadgets and impressive updates to existing gadgets. While the show was plagued by a record-setting flood and a massive power outage…

    Carolyn Nicander Mohr/ The Wonder of Tech- 14 readers -
  • How to Watch a Live Stream Church Service

    … to others’ germs. Or maybe some are traveling far from their home church. Or perhaps the roads near them are icy and treacherous. You still may be able to attend your home church by watching a live streaming video. Church services are available to watch live online and through apps. Not all churches live stream their services, but you may be able…

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  • 8 Excellent Tech Tools to Help You Shop Online and In Stores

    … to see the deals when you’re at home or at the mall. Coupon Sherpa also works with online shopping. Check the app to find coupons before you check out for your online purchase. Coupon Sherpa is available free for: Coupon Sherpa for iPhone and iPad Coupon Sherpa for Android Stores will often give “email exclusive” deals to get you…

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  • Google News – Your Personal News Service

    … wanted to read so I wouldn’t have to sift through stories that held no interest for me. See, Zite – My Go-To App! I checked multiple apps but none of them seemed to hone in on articles I was interested in. Flipboard bought Zite in 2014 but never seemed to integrate its skills for figuring out what readers liked. But now I’ve found my go-to news app…

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  • Tunity: Listen to Any TV – Even If It’s Muted

    … location permissions in Settings after you’re done using Tunity. => See, How to Know Which Apps Are Tracking Your Location After you’ve registered your account, and given location permission, you’ll see a screen with a window. Align the TV screen in the window so Tunity can scan it to see which show you are watching. It doesn’t have to be precise…

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  • Bitmojis — Emojis Starring You!

    … at the: Bitmoji website Bitmoji app for iPhone and iPad Bitmoji App for Android Bitmoji is the younger sibling of Bitstrips, so if you have an account with Bitstrips, you already have created a Bitmoji. But you may want to change it to use with Bitmoji. Learn more about Bitstrips at Bitstrips — Create Your Own Comics Starring You! Creating…

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  • How to Know Which Apps Are Tracking Your Location

    … location information. Checking your location permissions takes just a few minutes but is an important task. App Location Permissions with iPhone and iPad Three Choices: Always, Never, While Using the App On the iPhone and iPad, apps can ask for your permission to share your location three ways: Never, Always, or While Using the App. Beginning…

    Carolyn Nicander Mohr/ The Wonder of Techin How To's- 8 readers -
  • Amazon Expands Alexa with More Devices and Skills

    … Last week Amazon had a surprise event where it announced new devices and places where its digital assistant Alexa will be. If you’re a fan of Alexa, you’ll be pleased to use her in more places than ever before. If you’re not yet a fan yet, these new places may be compelling enough for you to check out Alexa. At the event last week, Amazon showed…

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  • Apple Announces 3 New iPhones and More!

    … with a new approach to the design of retail space. Flagship stores in New York, Paris, Milan, Washington, DC and Chicago will be redesigned to incorporate spaces where people can do much more than shop. Spaces will be created for learning, collaborating, researching and more. The Board Room will help app designers create new apps. The Forum will help…

    Carolyn Nicander Mohr/ The Wonder of Tech- 21 readers -
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