• Local’s Next Hurdle: The Impressionable Use Fallacy

    … things like commuting. Verve Mobile creative director Walter Geer cites a Waze banner ad attempting to lure him to a relatively nearby Quiznos around lunchtime. This seems okay… if he weren’t a minute from his destination. “It’s lunchtime so it’s probably the right time for this ad,” he said. “But it adds 36 minutes to my drive that is 1 minute…

    Michael Boland/ Street Fight- 22 readers -
  • Which Apple Will Show Up For Local’s Next Revolution?

    … One thing that’s always defined Apple is a knack for shaping computing’s future. But lately, it’s been characterized more as the company that’s sitting back and watching others define tech’s next transformation: virtual reality and augmented reality. As discussed in past columns, I believe VR will come first but AR will be bigger. AR’s size…

    Michael Boland/ Street Fight- 17 readers -
  • Can Augmented VR Turn Window Shoppers Into Buyers?

    … For starters, nobody wants to wear the headgear — those myriad virtual reality headsets that open a second life for our senses. Heck, people wouldn’t even wear the slender Google Glass to achieve an augmentation of their reality. As for the gamers and experiential entertainment enthusiasts, they’ll likely suffer the headsets just fine — during…

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  • Why Augmented Reality Will Eventually Take Over Local

    … As I’ve written and others have forecasted, virtual reality (VR) will come first, but augmented reality (AR) will be bigger. That statement especially applies to location based applications. AR will be all about local. Graphical overlays to the physical world will amplify everything from retail shopping (store navigation and product info…

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  • Amplified Robot CEO Lays Out a Case for the Role of AR/VR in Retail

    … Amplified Robot CEO Lays Out a Case for the Role of AR/VR in Retail April 29, 2016 by Annie Melton Leave a Comment Filed Under: LOCALCON 2016, News Like any nascent technology, virtual and augmented reality lack an “approachability” — a concrete applicability that can complement the operations of the everyday business. It’s all well and good…

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