Article Marketing

  • How To Get Free Traffic to Your Website

    … are giving away. 6. Article Marketing Despite what many of the so called “experts” in the internet marketing world say, Article marketing can still be a very effective strategy to get free traffic to your website or blog, but you have to know what you are doing, and do it consistently. Effective article marketing is about creating content that clearly…

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  • 30 Day Step-By-Step Affiliate System Revealed

    …, and HOW often. For starters, you don’t want to build 100s of backlinks website too fast because that will trigger a red flag in Google’s system and they’ll send you right to the back of the pile. You don’t want to submit the same article to 100s of article directories with the same anchor text and resource box, because again, it triggers alarms…

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  • How to Create Headlines That Make Your Subscribers Actually WANT to Read

    … by asking you this simple little question. When you last opened….. an email, a blog post, an Article, or even clicked on a Facebook share. What was it about the headline that made YOU click on it? In fact, it could have been any one of… Now let me ask you — WHY did you click on this headline? But before you tell ME, allow me to tell YOU. You see… 5 readers -
  • How to Get 3 Times More Sales With Less Leads

    …How to Get 3 Times More Sales With Less Leads Ever wondered How to………………. Create a Better Relationship With Your Email List? Close Tons of Sales (without EVER using the phone)? Get Paid Traffic Leads to Fall in Love With You? Simply Enter your details below and watch this FREE Prosperity Team Training (Usually Reserved for Team… 3 readers -
  • How to Get Your Content on Google’s 1st Page in 3 Simple Steps

    … and in the content body. Create articles, blog posts, squidoo lenses, hubpages and videos. Remembering that the idea should be to create good, quality content that will get read, watched and shared. Check out this Blog Post for further instructions on how to create and optimize your quality content. How to Get Your Content on Google’s 1st Page in 3 Simple Steps…

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  • The Scientific Way To Be “Lucky”

    …The Scientific Way To Be “Lucky” Some people seem “lucky.” They start a home business, for example, and all the dominoes just kind of fall right into place for them. Money pours in. Leads eagerly buy from them. And they become very wealthy very quickly. Most people just chalk that up to luck. Me? I know better than that. You make your own… 6 readers -
  • My ‘one day’ action plan to make you $1,000

    … $1,000. Will you? I don’t know – I know some people will, and some won’t. Believe it or not – some people won’t even watch the video. Lol. Others aren’t even willing to spend $25 right now to just get in, and do it. Of course – I know you’re one of our smart readers , who doesn’t want to take four million years to make a measly $1,000 a day… 7 readers -
  • 7 Ways To Get An Extra Sale Today

    …, affiliates, etc.) but paid ads will always be the quickest way to make a sale. In under an hour I can design my ads, write my copy, build and launch an ad campaign for as little as $5/day. Within a few hours (depending on the ad network) my ads will be live and pushing targeted traffic to my website. No other digital marketing channel has that type…

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