Artificial intelligence (AI) is the human-like intelligence exhibited by machines or software. The AI field is interdisciplinary, in which a number of sciences and professions converge, including computer science, psychology, linguistics, philosophy and neuroscience, as well as other specialized fields such as artificial psychology. Major AI researchers and textbooks define the field as "the study and design of intelligent agents", where an intelligent agent is a system that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chances of success. John McCarthy, who coined the term in 1955, defines it as "the science and engineering of making intelligent machines".
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  • Sharewall Launches Artificial-Intelligence Engine

    … percent of its newsletter emails opened, with a 24 percent click-through rate, and readers stayed on the site 34 percent longer. Sharewall founder and CEO Anders Ibsen said in a release announcing the AI engine: Developing our intelligence engine was the natural next step to our new online publishing model. We want to provide publishers with tools…

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