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    • Experimenting at the crossroads of Machine Learning and arts

      This 233,000 year old female figurine is said to be the oldest piece of artwork ever found. Based on microscopic analyses archeologists suggest that it was shaped by human hands — possibly one of the first artists in the world. Critically, those human hands used a flint to shape the head and arms. Made of volcanic material, this 233,000-year-old and 3.

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  • The Elbphilharmonie is ready on Google. Come on in!

    …. That is why, in partnership with the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, we’re giving an early preview of the Grand Hall on Google Arts & Culture and Google Maps! With the help of Google Street View you can virtually walk from the main entrance over an 82 meter long, slightly arched escalator called the Tube which leads to the large panoramic window with harbor…

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  • Live the Day of the Dead

    … Mexican poet Octavio Paz once wrote, "Our cult of death is also our cult of life." Those words capture the spirit with which Mexicans celebrate Día de Muertos. On November 1 and 2, families in Mexico honor those who have departed, setting up colorful altars at home and in public places with the images of loved ones. These ancestors are greeted…

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  • Virtually explore Indonesia's wonders with Google Arts & Culture

    … to experience these wonders of Indonesia in an immersive way with a simple virtual reality viewer like Google Cardboard. Look at how delighted everyone was! A visit to Sangiran Early Man Site — a trip that normally takes at least 12 hours by bus from Jakarta — is now within easy reach to anyone with an Internet connection on the Google Arts &…

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  • Curio-cité Episode 1: Explore the forgotten corners of Paris

    … Our curiosity pushes us to try new experiences: to learn, to grow, to change our point of view, or simply to have fun. Luckily for us, our cities are full of opportunities for new experiences. But sometimes, to get ourselves started and discover these secrets, we need a guide to inspire and motivate us. That’s why Google Arts & Culture…

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  • Commemorating Václav Havel’s 80th birthday

    …To commemorate Vaclav Havel's life and work, Google Arts & Culture has partnered with the Václav Havel Library to present Tribute to Václav Havel, an online exhibition of photographs. This, along with three other existing digital collections, gives anyone the opportunity to learn more about this famous dissident, dramatist and freedom fighter.…

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