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    • Ask Yoast: Several link tags on a page

      HTML elements, also called HTML tags, are bits in the HTML of a website that specify the relation between the current document and an external resource. They look like this: link rel= "..." and can be used for all kinds of things, like importing a stylesheet. SEO related link elements are, for instance, the rel=”canonical” link element, which is used to avoid duplicate content issues.

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    • Ask Yoast: Switching the TLD of your website

      There could be a reason why you’d want to switch your top level domain (TLD) at some point. Perhaps you want to use it in your brand name, or maybe you just want something that catches the eye a bit more. But what if your site isn’t performing as well as you thought it would after you’ve made the switch? Is the new TLD you picked to blame? Or could there be another reason for t ...

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    • Ask Yoast: Content on product category pages

      Optimizing your product pages and product category pages can cause a bit of a dilemma. You want your products to shine, so they’re the first thing people notice, and in this regard, a picture usually says more than a 1000 words. On the other hand, you need to add sufficient textual content to help you rank.

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  • Ask Yoast: How to avoid competing with your own pages

    …. Good luck.” Ask Yoast In the series Ask Yoast, we answer SEO questions from our readers. Have an SEO-related question? Maybe we can help you out! Send an email to Note: please check our blog and knowledge base first, the answer to your question may already be out there! For urgent questions, for example about our plugin not working…

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  • Ask Yoast: Finding the best keyword strategy

    … Doing keyword research is a vital part of your content SEO strategy, but can be a long and difficult process. It’s just not easy to get into the heads of your audience: what words and phrases could they be using? What is their intention when searching? Another important aspect to check is whether it’s realistic to try to rank for a certain…

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  • Ask Yoast: Still minify and concatenate CSS and JS files?

    … because of too many requests. The new standard, HTTP/2, allows for much easier communication between a visitor and the server. So, does this increasing move to HTTP/2 mean that it’s no longer necessary to minify and concatenate your CSS and JS files? After all, site speed is still crucial for SEO. Let’s get into that in this Ask Yoast! Become…

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  • Ask Yoast: Dealing with holiday gift sets after the holidays

    … in the season is better than deleting it and making a new one next year. So, keep it up, and make sure that it has a slightly timeless content, so that if someone wants to order a Christmas box in March, they can… Why wouldn’t you allow that? So that’s how we would treat it. Good luck!” Ask Yoast In the series Ask Yoast we answer SEO questions from our…

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  • Ask Yoast: Emojis and SEO

    … in your daily communication, you may also feel like using them on your website. But what’s the deal with emojis and SEO? Do they have any impact on your rankings, positive or negative? In this Ask Yoast, I’ll get into that :) Iris Schöberl emailed us her question: “Do you as an SEO expert recommend to use emojis? Or is it spam to Google?” Watch…

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  • Ask Yoast: Using a TLD as part of your brand?

    … target audience realize that’s a domain name? Most people that are slightly older might not realize that’s something they can type in. At that point, it would be a good idea to add www or http:// in the branding when you put it on a poster or show it somewhere so people realize they can type in Ok, good luck!” Ask Yoast In the series Ask…

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  • Ask Yoast: Yoast SEO premium features explained

    … that help you drastically improve your site structure, make it easier to avoid 404s, and give more insight into your content. In this Ask Yoast, I discuss Yoast SEO premium features that are especially interesting for bloggers. Alexa emailed us this question: My audience are travel bloggers and I think they all use the free version of Yoast SEO…

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  • Ask Yoast: changing URL structure and rankings

    … reason, it could affect your rankings. In this Ask Yoast, I discuss to what extent changing your URL structure will have an impact on your rankings, and if it’s still worth the effort. Chris asked us a question on this subject: We are changing our URL structure to make it look cleaner (by leaving out numbers etc.). When we launch our new site…

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  • Ask Yoast: adding testimonials to your site

    … Would you buy a product or service from a website that doesn’t look trustworthy? Probably not. So you understand how important it is to gain the trust of your visitors if you own a business. Adding testimonials to your site can help you with this. They give potential customers some idea of the experiences of others, and why whatever it is you’re…

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  • Ask Yoast: how to get sitelinks

    … site and how they use your site. So, it’s not something that you can change; it’s not something that you can opt in for, it’s not something that you can do specific SEO for. You just have to become very important for that specific query. Good luck! Ask Yoast In the series Ask Yoast we answer SEO questions from our readers. Have an SEO-related…

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  • Ask Yoast: Avoiding duplicate content for multi-regional sites

    …. But when you have a website in English, one for the UK and one for the US, this can cause issues, if you don’t tell Google what’s going on. So how do you deal with that? How do you avoid duplicate content for your multi-regional site? We’ll get into that in this Ask Yoast! Become a technical SEO expert with our Technical SEO 1 training! » $199 - Buy…

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  • Ask Yoast: Lower rankings without HTTPS?

    … Imagine visiting an online shop, and receiving a notification from your browser that this site is not secure. You’re probably not so eager to buy something there and provide this website with private or sensitive information. Well, both your visitors and Google most likely agree. In 2014, Google announced that HTTPS would become a ranking signal…

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  • Ask Yoast: www or no www?

    … repute included ;)- don’t use www. So, are there any SEO-implications to choosing either option? I’ll get into that in this Ask Yoast! Optimize your site for search & social media and keep it optimized with Yoast SEO Premium » €79 - Buy now » Info Dirkje Evers emailed us her question on this subject: A Dutch hosting company told…

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  • Ask Yoast: Breadcrumbs for products in multiple categories

    … It’s important to have breadcrumbs on your website. They show users how a page fits into the structure of a site, and allow search engines to determine the site’s structure. But how do you go about implementing breadcrumbs when you have many products that fit into more than one category? In this Ask Yoast, I’ll discuss the best way to handle…

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