Air Travel Organisers' Licensing (ATOL) is a United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) scheme to protect people who have purchased package holidays (Thomson, Thomas Cook, etc) and flights from a member tour operator. The majority of UK tour operators are required to hold an ATOL licence, without which they may not legally sell air travel. ATOL licensed firms will have had their business practices inspected by the CAA. An ATOL licensed tour operator must also obtain insurance bonds from the CAA.
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  • Standing Out With Google AdWords Extensions

    … underneath your ad, and they look similar to sitelinks, but they’re a lot shorter, and they aren’t links. So they’re just text. So for example, if you wanted to show users that your site or your product is ATOL protected, this is a great thing to use in a call out extension, because maybe you don’t want to waste a whole sitelink telling people…

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