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Attention span is the amount of concentrated time on a task without becoming distracted. Most educators and psychologists agree that the ability to focus attention on a task is crucial for the achievement of one's goals.
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  • 6 tips for creating content to capture short attention spans

    … as shareable content on your readers’ social feed, giving you more mileage from your content. Don’t hold back from long-form content You might assume that a short attention span will require an equally short piece of content for consumption. This is not always the case, as well-executed long-form content is still a valuable asset to your blog. Provided…

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  • Out-of-Home: An Opportunity for Social Media Marketers

    … is in front of the right audience in the right location–at the exact right time. We are now seeing the first mobile social datasets emerge that offer geolocation data with a proximity down to 100 yards. The close proximity is perfect for OOH and allows us to actually target very granular segmented audiences. Seed engagement in OOH by use of social…

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  • Content Length: Attention Spans Versus Engagement

    … on the YouTube Ads Leaderboard in 2014 averaged three minutes Tweet This! – an increase of 47% vs. 2013. And none of the top ads in 2014 and 2015 were under a minute. Ben Jones, Think With Google So for a decade, when asked “How long?”, I’ve always said long enough to tell the story and no longer. For our clients, that’s lead to us publishing less…

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  • 5 Proven Tips for Retaining Social Visits

    … time, versus just 42 percent of visitors who view content due to being referred from a site’s homepage. While social media as a traffic source is a force to reckon with, it won’t matter much if you can’t retain these visitors. Here are some tips: Get the visitors to join your newsletter In a recent blog post, social sharing application Buffer…

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  • Study: 57% of Users Say They’ll Use Apps More Often in the Future

    … Localytics, a lifecycle engagement platform for mobile and Web apps, has released its latest research, focused on the attention span of app users. The study of 1,000 smartphone owners revealed 92 percent of consumers expect to use apps as much as they do now (35 percent), or even more in the future (57 percent), but they’re also easily bored…

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  • Five Steps to Creating a Video Marketing Strategy

    …, your video data can contribute to more accurate lead-scoring because you'll be able to see which prospects are watching which videos and for how long. Some important metrics to track for each video campaign you release: Attention span and drop-off rates: Does more than 60% of your audience make it to the end of your videos on average?Click-through…

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